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Petrol Price in Bali

Petrol price in Bali is quiet cheap compared to the European countries and some other country in Asia or USA. So when you renting a car in Kuta whether for self driven or with the driven you will be surprise how cheap it is. If you used to driver on your own car in you country and for a full tank of gas you paid for some amount of money, when you drive in Bali and buy the petrol here at the same full tank of gas surely you will pay for less. In Bali, Petrol has the meaning of Bensin, or Benzine.

Bali gas station where to buy petrol in Bali

Looks of Pertamina Bali Gas Station

Before you continue to read about how much is the petrol price in Bali, just to curious your satisfy how much is the difference between how much money you buy petrol in your country and in Bali please click the Currency Converter page.


Pertamina is a Indonesian government owned oil company. It is the only authorized gas station in Bali and Indonesia which is operated in the island.

Pertamina company has the logo dominated by red, blue and green color with the word ‘PERTAMINA’ on it. So when you passing by the road and see that logo at the street side at spacious open-roof building with sometime money cars and motorbikes in queue line to fill up the gas that is where you stop by to fill up the gas.

Please note when filling up the petrol in Bali station there will be the gas station officer who will service you. So you cannot fill up the tank by your self.

After you are on place, get down from your car and say to the officer who much you will buy the petrol. Before doing that remember to open up first for the gas tank. After that we he will fill up your gas. Don’t forget to turn off the car engine for safety reason.


Pertamina gas station is exist on many places in the island. So you do not need to worry about its availability. For a better trip experience we recommend you to fill up the tank at full tank. If after some days it will empty, fill it up once again in a full, and so on.

It is very easy to fill up the petrol in Bali with your car rental. It can be say the gas or petrol station in Bali is available every where. The gas station are easy to find on the main road of Kuta, Seminyak, Sanur or Ubud. So, whether you are on your car rental of Self driven or With driver, remember that you can buy the petrol anywhere easily here in the island. You just need to remember one thing: how to recognize whether that place is a gas station or not.

One easy way to recognize that is a gas station in Bali is by its logo. All of the petrol station in Bali operated by one company called Pertamina.

When you buy the petrol at gas station there are two option you can choose regarding with the payment. The first one is by cash and the second one by a credit card (only few of them). Both option is available for the receipt, if you want it.

Your car needs a difference level of petrol filling. A small size car rental such as Toyota Agya will need less petrol to fill up compare to a medium size car like the Toyota Avanza. In average when you buy petrol for the Agya you will pay for about IDR 200,000 or USD 15 for full tank of gas. While you will need to pay for about IDR 300,000 or USD 25 for the Avanza.


There are 2 kind of petrol that sold in Bali. Here are of them and its explanation:


This is the petrol you have to buy for your car rental. This is the most ideal type of petrol in Bali for a private use of car, like your car rental you are using. It is well known as RON 92 / Number 92. But in Bali we just say Pertamax. The price of Pertamax benzine is IDR 12,500 per litre or USD 0,9.


Although this petrol type is also fine for your car rental but it is not advised. Some of the car does not good to use this kind of petrol. So better Pertamax for your car rental instead. The price of Pertalite benzine is IDR 7,650 per litre or USD 0,5.

Pertamina Logo - Bali petrol price information

These kind of petrol can be found on every gas station in Bali. If you drive along the by-pass road from Nusa Dua to Sanur, and from Sanur to Ubud you will find it there. The petrol gas station is very easy to find in Bali. Usually about 500 meters before the gas station resided, there will be a traffic sign telling the road users that in next 500 meters there will be a gas station. So any body who need to fill it up can stop by there.

The petrol station in Bali can be found also near the toll road of Bali. If you take a toll road to go to Bali airport or to Nusa Dua or to Sanur at the end of toll road area there is a gas station on each side. So whether you fill up petrol before or after entering the toll road or that would not be a problem. Of course there is also a petrol station near Bali airport as well. This nearest gas station of Bali airport is open for 24 hours.


There is a gas station for about less than one kilometer just after you go out from Bali airport, good place to fill up the fuel in full tank.

And the nearest petrol station from Bali airport can be found just 1 kilometer (0.7 mile). So after you pay a parking fee ticket in airport, just slowly drives and looks at the left side of the road. One kilometer after the airport you will see gas station there.


When you renting a car in Bali please be noted that usually the car rental company in Bali will give you about 2 – 3 bars of petrol, or about one third or one quarter of benzine. They will not give you full tank unless you request it in advance. And you will return it on your last day at the same level.

So for example if you booked a car rental for your next coming to Bali and you will landing already in the night (maybe at 11 PM), after you received your car rental at the airport and drive it to your booked hotel, you can first stop by at the nearest gas station of airport and fill the fuel up there. Do not worry as once again they are open for 24 hours. You can consult this with the car rental staff who pick you up at airport as well.

One last thing regarding the petrol of Bali, sometime on the side of the road there are many people sell the petrol in some kind of vodka bottle (yes the fill up that bottle with fuel and sell it there!) in front of small Warung. Please do not buy it there!

Many people sometime mix it with anything liquid except petrol, could be ordinary water, just to give them more advantage from the petrol they sell. If so it is obviously very dangerous, as your car could be damage with this kind of liquid. So always buy at the authorized Pertamina gas station owned by the government.

So after you know everything about petrol price information in Bali, get ready with your cash, and happy driving in Bali!



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Available car rental (rates per day):

Suzuki Jimny

Suzuki Jimny
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Toyota Agya

Toyota Agya
US$ 24
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Toyota Avanza

Toyota Avanza
US$ 27
US$ 35 (Driver)

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US$ 31
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US$ 25
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US$ 35
US$ 43 (Driver)

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US$ 80 (Driver+Petrol)

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