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Bali Car Hire With Driver

Hi – Bali Car Hire Team.

I will require a compact Bali car hire with driver for 2 persons. Me and my wife. Also provide insurance costs. Kindly confirm pick up point of the vehicle. My arrival and departure is from Bali Airport DPS. Arrival Time is 10 pm on 25th April 19. Departure time: 10 am on 30th April. Mandatory features of car is Automatic transmission and need also the GPS. Lastly please advice availability of driver for the tour / each day pick and drop with associated costs.

Bali car hire provide experienced Bali driver

Sunrise trekking at Mount Batur – Best Bali car hire with the Driver ready to serve

We would like to confirm with you about the availability of the DAIHATSU AYLA Automatic Gear on period of date mentioned.

DAIHATSU AYLA (4 seater) is available on the 25 – 30 April, Self Drive at USD 20 x 5 Days = USD 100 NET (No Hidden Charge!).

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Toyota Avanza Bali Automatic Car
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The car hire price is including insurance with minimum excess $50 or could be lower and maximum excess $500 for any heavy of damage or theft. It is also available to buy a full covered insurance at $8 per day to protect our car from any damage or theft.

Regarding the GPS we advise you to just use Google Maps via your mobile phone. It should be more than just enough to guide you exploring the island. If you need a local SIM card you can also buy it easily anywhere in the island. For the example is at the convenience store or at the toll gate before entering the toll road in Bali.

And if you need the driver he will works for 10 hours per day at cost $10 per day. Please be noted that if you stay in the area which is far away from our home base in Kuta (such as in Amed, Tulamben, Lovina, etc) then the driver with the car hire will be overnight also there. There will be extra charge for his meals and accommodation.

Sir, Thank you for providing the rates. As we shall be traveling to various places through out the day and will be making various stops along way.

1- Kindly confirm if the driver will return after 10hrs of service ( to a max of 12 hrs)  and he can be made available next day at the designated time.

2- In case  we want to keep at the car for our personal use after driver’s 10 hrs shift is ended , will that work too?

Bali Car hire = 100 USD, plus Driver 50 USD (without fuel) , plus USD 40 (full covered insurance). Total is 190 USD  for 5 days hire. And car hire includes :





3- Kindly confirm the final amount of 190 USD with complete insurance and driver and 150 USD without insurance.

After going through the above detailed email, as I will be arriving late on 25th April after 9 pm, I would not require it on same day.

I will need the car rental on 26th April from Artini 2 Cottages in Ubud. We shall require the car along with driver from 8 am till 8 pm. We shall be driving and visiting East Ubud on various tourist spots and come back to same resort. That is mean the driver will work for 12 hours.

On second day 27th April, pick up will be from Artini 2 Cottages and we shall be traveling to North Ubud and stopping at various tourist spots. We shall require the driver / car from 8 am to 8 pm. Do note we shall be dropped at Bali Handara Golf & Resort (driver for 12 hours).

On 28th April, pick up shall be from Bali Handara Golf & Resort at 9 am and we shall be traveling to Seminyak and stopping at various tourist spots. Our destination will be resort in Seminyak and we shall end our journey (driver for 10 hours).

Car Hire With Driver at Mount Batur Bali

I would require hire car for 3 whole days with driver for 12 hours (day 1), 12 hours (day 2) and 10 hours (day 3).

Summary of costs:

Bali car hire: 20 USD x 3 = 60 USD (including Standard Insurance, Government Tax, Unlimited Mileage Inside Bali Island) — the car is DAIHATSU AYLA (4 seater).

Driver cost for 10 hours for 3 days = 30 USD.

Total cost = 90 USD plus extra cost of 4 hours of driver.


For extra 2 hours each day please confirm the charges for extra hours of the driver. Since we would not be driving we would not require extra full covered insurance.  Please confirm as above the total charges for 3 days hire of car (without fuel costs) along with availability of driver.

Thank you for your update.

We noted all.

Bali car hire with driver

Here is with the summary:

1. Car + driver $30 x 3 days = $90.

2. $3 x 4 extra hours = $12.

Also please note when you stay in Handara Golf in Baturiti, Bedugul the driver needs to stay there also as the distance is quiet far from our home base in Kuta at $12 per night including for his meal and accommodation. Next morning he will be ready to come to your hotel at any time you would like for him to come to pick you up at the hotel in Bedugul, Bali.

3. $12 overnight in Bali Handara Golf Baturiti, Bedugul.

Total charge would be $114.

Sir, thank you for your email and answering all my questions.

Before I make my confirmation / reservation as I am satisfied with all the details. The total amount of 112 USD will include all our travels related costs. Lastly please confirm few remaining things as listed below.

(I) Firstly that the driver will have his own meals during the journey.

(II)  Secondly please reconfirm that the 12 USD includes his own accommodation with meal in Bali Handara.

(III) In case there are any others charges/ taxes or associated costs (except fuel) relating to insurance / meals / tolls, please advice. Thank you and looking for your reply.

Sir, Thank you for all the clarification.

In case there is car hire agreement, please advice/forward and we shall meet on April 25th in morning at 8 am at the resort. Mode of payment shall be cash (114 USD) .

Just to confirm that the hire does include fuel cost.

Thank you. For any other information do contact me on Whatsapp number. With Regards

Bali car hire with driver service is widely available across the island, but remember the best and full fell of safe and comfort is only with us. So for every car hire need in Bali do not hesitate to contact us at soonest!

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