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When you are in Bali especially for long term stay, finding a supermaket in Bali is a must activity to do. Maybe you want to have some shopping on your primary needs. Or any simple daily needs, such as drinking water, snacks, candy, cigarette, or etc. By shopping in a supermarket in Bali instead of your hotel environment, the price usually cheaper.

In order to do this, you need a Bali supermarket to buy all those thing. In Bali, there are many supermarket to choose. Here are 3 top biggest Supermarkets in Bali that you should give a try:


Carrefour Bali Supermarket - Located in the bustling Sunset Road Kuta makes Carrefour supermarket the best place to shop

For the overseas tourist, Carrefour could be the first supermarket they choose. Many tourist from Franch and most European countries loves to visit this famous big supermarket in Bali. There are also Chinese and Taiwanese tourist shopping in Carrefour Denpasar.

This modern-biggest Carrefour supermarket in Bali is strategically located at the Sunset Road, the circle road connected between Kuta, Denpasar and Nusa Dua, or Tanjung Benoa. We have been seeing so many tourist from overseas shopping in this supermarket.

Carrefour Bali supermarket is easily reached out from Bali airport for about only 15 minutes drives by car. The supermarket have a large car parking system consist with 5 floors of car parking area.

Car parking payment in Carrefour Bali is by cash and the electronic parking crossbar will give you an entrance ticket.

First floor of Carrefour there are many famous culinary brands from overseas such as Kentucky Fried Chicken, Wendy's, Burger King and also any other brands. Some eye-catching small stalls selling rings and necklaces, dolls, toys is also available there.

Second floor will bring you to the family activities area such as Time Zone, a nice playing complex arcade equipped with various many game consoles, mini basket game, and many more. Kids will loves it much when they are at this play zone of Carrefour Bali supermarket.

Third floor is what is you looking for most: shopping!

Yes on the third floor of Carrefour shopping center in the center of business from this supermarket. Here you can find all you looking for: daily needs, kitchen set, home improvement tools, furniture, men and women cloths, fishing tools and pond and more.

You can also find fresh fruits from any fruits you want to take. Some of the fruits is imported and some is origin from Indonesia.

Carrefour Bali Supermarket is the best choice for shop with the family and friends.


Hypermart Supermarket inside Mal Bali Galeria offering one stop full family entertainment including for shopping heaven

Another recommended supermarket in Bali is Hypermart. Hypermart supermarket also strategically located on Sunset road area. This classy big supermarket take the location inside Mal Bali Galleria, the biggest mall in Bali.

Hypermart supermarket takes only about 1 kilometer from the Carrefour supermarket. If you want to move from Carrefour to Hypermart it can be done by just walking. But considering that Sunset Road is the main road which is always busy almost everyday so taking a vehicle to go there is advisable.

In Hypermart, just like in Carrefour, you will find all you needs here easily. One stop shopping center that give you everything under one roof. The only different from Carrefour is about the style. Other that that all is the same.Another different one is the car parking area. Here the parking fee must be paid in hourly basis. A little bit more expensive for car parking service but it is still worthed to try.

Here in Hypermart after you satisfy to do some shop, actually you can continue to release your stress by just walking to do some windows shopping for other stuffs. Mal Bali Galeria where Hypermart Supermarket resided offering other recreational activities to its visitors.

As Mal Bali Galeria is the biggest mall in Bali they have many other things to offer. Woman treatment, international book sellers, international and Indonesian culinary corners, cars are just to mention a few that are available to sell in Mal Bali Galeria.

Good food, good people, good atmosphere and good service is the right words to describe Mal Bali Galeria where Hypermart supermarket is located.


Trans Studio Mall Bali Denpasar is a Bali shopping center where everybody able to meet and greet in luxury ways

Trans Studio Mall (TSM) Denpasar Bali is absolutely the newest and biggest plus most modern one stop family entertainment activities in Bali. Here you can do a non-stop shopping and entertainment great experiences. TSM is widely known in Indonesia as they have many branches in each big city in Indonesia such as in Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya and Makasar. Trans Studio Mall is located on Jalan Imam Bonjol Denpasar, another main road in Denpasar

Bali, about 2 kilometers far from other famous Bali supermarket Carrefour and Hypermart. In Indonesia this brand (Trans Corp) is very famous as they are a big group which are operating many business sectors such as telecommunication, media, broadcasting, internet service, etc.

TSM Denpasar offering so many various activities inside the building complex. They have many theme park inside the complex and delicious foods and restaurants from local brand to the international one.

Give it a try when you are in Bali and need for some shopping and entertain: Trans Studio Mall Denpasar, Bali!

Those are big supermarket in Bali. Do you want trying for some other atmosphere and experience? Bali has other alternative to offers..

If you want to have the experiences abo ut shopping in local atmosphere, especially for the clothes, try Matahari Department Store. This original local brand is the leading in apparel needs in Indonesia. You should try this place.

The department store can be found also inside Mal Bali Galleria. Or, if you have a chance to go to Denpasar, the capital city of Bali, you will find another Matahari Department Store.

Despite the visitors of this store is mostly local Denpasar citizen, but some of the overseas tourist is mostly also as as shopper there.



In Seminyak area, probably you will familiar with another local supermarket called Bintang Supermarket. This is not a big supermarket like Carrefour, Trans Studio Mall or Hypermarket, but this middle end of supermarket has becoming so popular among the overseas tourist.

Every tourist who visited was so happy with Bintang supermarket so far. Good place, good price, good surrounding is the motto if the Bintang supermarket.

Additional information, Bintang Supermarket is also available in Ubud.


In Sanur are the most famous one is Hardy's. Located at the main road of Sanur Jalan Danau Tamblingan (Tamblingan Lake street) Hardy's become the favorite grocery for years in Sanur.

It can be say if the tourist need their daily needs easy and fast they will come to Hardy's Sanur.


While in Kuta area there is a mini market / grocery called Grand Lucky. Situated at the Sunset Road close to the Carrefour Supermarket Denpasar makes Grand Lucky mini market Grand Lucky the best alternative place to shop for every grocery buyers.


And Papaya Supermarket in Legian area. It is a must-visited fresh-convenience store in Legian. The place is very clean and nice atmosphere with fresh fruits and vegetables. Many choice for foods and drinks available at Papaya Legian.


This friendly and fresh mini mart in Jimbaran is the best shopping place in Jimbaran and its surrounding area. Every tourist who stay in Jimbaran, Uluwatu and Kedonganan must be go to Nirmala supermarket in Jimbaran for their daily needs easily and fast.


Do not forget with Pepito in Tuban!

Another alternative convenience and nice one is Pepito in Tuban area, close to the airport. This convenience store is also so popular for the tourist from oerseas, especially those who stay in Tuban area. Dominated with green color Pepito Tuban supermarket gives nice shopping experience ever in Bali.

For your information, in Bali there is not only supermarket and other big shopping center. But there are also many smaller shopping place called convenience stores or groceries. Across the island of Bali, including at the touristic area, there are many existed convenience store.

Convenience store is important because it is easy and fast. You will find local convenience store in Kuta or Legian and any other touristic area.

Convenience stores is also be found at Bali airport. So just maybe after landing you need to buy drinks, snacks, cigarette or any other small things you can just buy it from there, before heading to your hotel.

If you ordered a car rental from car rental company in Bali, and need to go to the Bali airport convenience store you can ask the car rental staff about where to find the convenience store in Bali airport.

You can buy any easy-daily needs at Bali convenience stores with fast selling and buying procedure.

To make you easy to recognize with the convenience stores in Bali, here are they just to mention it a few (by brands):

  • Alfamart
  • Indomaret
  • Pepito
  • Circle K
  • MiniMart
  • Bintang Supermarket
  • Coco
  • Grand Lucky
  • And more.

But still, shopping at big Bali supermarket is advisable as it is more complete and convenience. So between existed big supermarket in Bali such as Carrefour, Hypermart or Trans Studio Mall, which one you choose to visit?



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