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Kuta car rental is the best option to rent a car whether in manual or automatic transmission. As we located in Poppies Lane 1 so we are very close in Kuta area and able to deliver the rental car in in a minute. The Kuta car rental service here is never been so easy to find while you stay in this most bustling area in Bali.

Jalan Pantai Kuta (or Pantai Kuta street) is the most famous street name in Kuta. It is nice driving with your rental car in Kuta. Along the street, at the left side, existed the legendary-famous Kuta beach, where people do surfing, sunbathing, sports, just walking along the beach, etc. While at the right side you can see a row of 5 stars hotel such as Hard Rock, Mercure, The Stone, Sheraton, Accor Hotel, etc. And of course there are also many small hotels such as inn, bungalow or home stay just behind those hotel chain. So if you hire a car in Kuta you do not need to worry as most of the hotel have their car parking area.

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Automatic car rental in Kuta
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In short Kuta is the most crowded area in Bali. It also offering all of the magnificent of the island. Beautiful Kuta beach, complete shopping corner, various night life, restaurants, great accommodations and many more! Great place for young traveler to go around in Bali island paradise, as good as the sports that a must do and visit.

So driving a small car is advisable. The small size car, especially for the automatic gear one, is the best choice to rent a car in Kuta. For the example is the Toyota Agya. This automatic 4 seater car is perfect car to be rented when you stay in Kuta area. But of course if you travel with a large number of family, e.g with three children renting another bigger one such as the Toyota Avanza (7 seater) or the Toyota Innova (8 seater) could be the best one.

Car rental Kuta with Bali driver service
Our driver Nyoman is taking a photo before starting the tour from Kuta

For those who travel in Bali and especially look for some budget hotel in Kuta try to find it in Poppies lane. There are 2 lanes there, Poppies Lane 1 and Poppies Lane 2. Both of them is famous along the tourist. And both of them offering some great budget hotel to try, but still with hospitality beyond standard.

For the budget traveler who will also need a transportation or Kuta car rental, we advise you to take a small size car rental such as the Toyota Agya or the Suzuki Karimun Estilo. These 4 seater car is just perfect to explore the island starting from Kuta.

A Delman guy is looking for a customer on Kuta street

When you drive along Kuta street sometime you will see a traditional Balinese and Indonesian vehicle, it is called Delman. In English it mean horse drawn. It is actually provided by the government to support Kuta tourism, by providing a traditional transportation in the tourism area. And we see many tourist who tried the Delman and enjoy the riding for about 30 minutes riding that horse at the back.


All above is about how and why to car rental in Kuta. But actually there is another alternative on how you get the transportation for your needs in Kuta. It's a motor bike!

But to remind renting a bike is not comfortable for far trip. Riding in Kuta and its surrounding is fine. But if you plan to explore the island for more, go from the east to the west, from the north to the south, then renting a car in Kuta is highly advised instead.

Renting a motor bike itself in Kuta us widely available. Just explore either the Poppies 1 or 2 you will find many of the motor bike vendors along the street. There you can ask for renting a motor bike. Basically they are two types of motor bile to be rented, the first one is scooter type in automatic gear (Honda Vario or Yamaha NMAX) and the second one is sport type (Honda Tiger). While the scooter in automatic gear has been used by male and female, but the sport type mostly rented by a male.

The price to rent a motor bike in Kuta is much more cheaper than the car. It could be three times less than renting a car, depend on which type of car rental. But in general renting a motor bike instead a car in Kuta have some advantages. First it is cheap. Second it is easy to ride. Third you can park it anywhere and easier. Fourth if you stay in a small hotel inside the gang of Kuta village then driving a scooter is a must; because you can just drive it easily via the gangs (lane) and park it right inside your small hotel.

Whether you will rent a car or a scooter when in Kuta be sure to protect it with insurance. In Bali there are two common types of insurance, the first one is the standard insurance and another one is a full covered insurance.

When you rent a car in Standard insurance that's mean the rental price is including insurance but there will be en excess is something happen with the car (damage or theft). Usually the excess is between USD 50 (minimum) or can be lower and USD 500 (maximum).

And when you rent it in Full covered insurance that's mean if anything happen with the car rental (any damage or theft) you are free from any complaint, or excess. With this insurance option it give you more freedom of on how the way you drive. As every damage of the car caused by you as the renter or by the third party you will be free from the excess. How much is the price to buy the full covered insurance of the car rental in Bali? It is depend, different from each car rental company but it should be around USD 10 per day.

Hungry when you are in Kuta? Don't worry. Here in Kuta you will find many types of food, price, taste, etc. You will find many warung (small dining place) offering local Indonesian and Balinese foods. Small restaurant and the big one is also available, free to choose which one is suit with your taste and money. Some fast food such as Kentucky Fried Chicken, Burger King, McDonald's is also existed. They are located just right in front of the beach.

Need more information of eat places in Kuta? Find it here any restaurants in Kuta area.

Bali driver service in Hard Rock Kuta
Take a time to look for original merchandise in Hard Rock Shop Kuta!



As you may already know Kuta is famous among the youth tourist. And surfing could be the most exciting to do while in Kuta. The wave at Kuta beach is good not only for a professional but also a beginner. For those anyone who want to learn surfing here along the Kuta street you can easily some surfing schools / lessons. Some of them are: Odysseys Surf School, Pro Surf School Bali and Neptune Surfing School. Drive to one of those Kuta surf school with our car rental and make registration. Just be confidence with the surf lessons an within less than four days you will be a surfing pro!


In Kuta, on sunset time, there is no other activity which is most interesting except enjoy the sunset! Yes here in Kuta beach the best sunset time is around 6 PM. Be there and see the legendary sunset view of Kuta beach. To enjoy the sunset you can just lay down or sit on the beach. Another alternative is by enjoy it from the rooftop of some hotels across the beach. It can be done on their swimming pool or restaurant. Don't forget to bring your favorite drinks to enjoy sunset in Kuta! To let you, do not visiting Kuta with your car close to sunset time. Give it spare time. If the sunset time is 6 PM then try to entering Kuta beach starting on 5 PM to avoid bad traffic jam at the beach street.


You can just park your car rental at the public car parking area in Kuta. Or park it at BeachWalk Kuta Shopping Center, they have large car space at the basement. And then you can continue to walking around. Walking around - shop or just window shopping - is one of enjoyable activity in Kuta. Best time to do this is at night. There on Kuta Square existed many shops selling many popular cloth brands, suitcases, surfing equipment, mobile phone accessories and restaurants. There are also some convenience stores selling snacks and drinks. Kuta Square is a perfect place to be enjoyed with friends or family.


Another more the largest-modern-new shopping center in the heart of Kuta is Beachwalk Shopping Center. This high class-selling only international brands shopping center is offering one stop entertainment into one place, including for the cinema. Enjoy the place by just sitting on its central garden. You can also dine and wine at many international chain in the beachwalk, sit at the front side and you can also enjoy peoples walking around there. Again to keep in mind, if you rent a car in Kuta you can easily park your rental car at the basement of the shopping center.


Just next to Kuta beach there is another beautiful beach called Seminyak beach. It called Potato Head Beach Club, a creative place by the ocean combining music, art, wellness and - of course - food into just one place. The place is strategically took place on Seminyak beach on Jalan Petitenget. Best time to enjoy the beach club is starting sunset time till dawn. The Potato Head have a large car space so that every visitor of the club can park their car rental easily and safely.


Waterbom Kuta is the best water park in Bali. There are many water slides that you should try. Enjoy sliding from the high and get the best experience on this best water park in Kuta! From the top side you can also see Kuta area and its surrounding area. On Sunday is the busiest day on this water park entertainment. You should not be worry on how to park your rental car as this most popular water sport activity in Kuta have a car parking space inside.


Not only it isvery excite and gracious, but every jumper will enjoy the beauty of the Indian ocean. The jumper will also fascinating with the beauty of Kuta beach and Legian beach from the high.


Want to feel how to shooted up to 50 meters high? Then you must try Bali Slingshot Kuta!


This one is one of the traditional transportation in Indonesia, including Bali. This service is available starting in the morning until night. If you bring your children you should try this and ask them to get to this horse riding service. For some thousands Rupiah you will be driven by the horse courier getting around in Kuta area foe about 30 minutes drive.


Don't forget to rent a car in Kuta. This option could be the best option for your transportation needs. By renting a car you can move easily between the area in Bali and give you more flexibility to explore Bali.

To remind all the Kuta car rental renter if you stay in the area, under sunset time (between 5pm - 7pm) there will many visitor (local and overseas) who will come to the Kuta beach to see the sunset. So if you can, after make some trip avoid to back to your hotel around that time. Try to make it before or after that time. Or you will stuck on traffic jam along the street!

Happy driving anyway....!

Available car rental (rates per day):

Suzuki Jimny

Suzuki Jimny
US$ 18
US$ 25 (Driver)

Suzuki Karimun Estilo

Suzuki Karimun Estilo
US$ 22
US$ 30 (Driver)

Toyota Agya

Toyota Agya
US$ 24
US$ 32 (Driver)

Toyota Avanza

Toyota Avanza
US$ 27
US$ 35 (Driver)

Suzuki APV - World Class MPV

Suzuki APV
US$ 31
US$ 37 (Driver)

Daihatsu Taruna

Daihatsu Taruna
US$ 25
US$ 33 (Driver)

Toyota Kijang Innova

Toyota Innova
US$ 35
US$ 43 (Driver)

Isuzu Elf

Isuzu ELF
US$ 80 (Driver+Petrol)

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