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Bali Car Rental Automatic

Rent a Bali car in automatic gear for your land trip could be the best choice. It can give you a convenience-safer road trip while you are moving around the island. Despite you have been driving an automatic car in your country for daily activity, driving in Bali may have some challenging experience still. Mostly, the small and narrow road is the main reason. Although not all road in Bali is too narrow, no doubt driving the automatic car is a good choice. This is why most of our customers from Russia and China loves much renting the automatic car.

Bali car rental automatic

Toyota Avanza - The most popular automatic car rental in Bali

However please be reminded that still there are some guidance you should read first before renting an automatic car rental in Bali.


We offer some car type which is available in automatic gear. Most of them is available in the Toyota Agya, Toyota Avanza and the Toyota Innova. While the renting price for the Agya and Avanza is the same between the manual gear and automatic one, but for the Toyota Innova it has a different rate. The automatic gear price is more expensive than the manual one. Not much, but still different.

Further information regarding the car size:

The Agya is a small size car (4 seater). It is good for a solo or a couple traveler. A family with one child is also welcome.

The Avanza is good for a family with more than one child. Actually, the car is an MPV car type. It is a medium size car with 7 seater on it.

The Inova is the biggest one. Perfect for a large number of passenger. It is a 8 seater car so it is absolutely perfect for a large number of group.

Inaya Nusa Dua Bali Hotel Car Parking Area


Compare with the manual gear one, the automatic gear car will need a little bit more fuel. It will use more petrol in daily driving, but once again it is not much. Especially when you drive in a city, or crowds tourist area such as Kuta, you will need a little bit budget to buy petrol in gas station. But it is worthed as you will get an easier driving or the car as it is in automatic one.

Further information regarding the gas station in Bali, there are three kind types of petrol. They are Pertamax, Pertalite and Premium. Those 3 petrol types is benzine. So, every renter who rented a car from car rental company must buy one of those petrol. Mostly, we will recommend the renter to just buy Pertamax as this one is widely available across the island, thus easier to find.

Auto car in Bali


Please be noted that all car in Bali is right-hand side. So please pay attention for tourist who come from European country which has left-hand side and would like to rent a car rental in Bali. While for most Asian tourist this should not bring any worry as they have the same driving experience as Bali.

But this different thing should not be a problem at all. Usually, just after an hour, the driver will just used to drive with the right-hand side car, although in their daily driving activity in their country they used to drive at the left side.

Toyota Agya automatic car

Those are some reason you should be kept while had a plan to rent Bali car rental automatic gear.

For additional information, although the automatic car is a must for some people, in contrary, some of our previous customers were just happy to drive a car in manual gear. Thus they do not like driving the automatic one. The reason is the automatic car is not so good to be used, for example, climbing to the mountain. Or, regarding its speed.

In Bali, there are some places of interest which has the route climbing the mountain. For example is Lake Beratan Bedugul, or the area in north Bali, such as Seririt and Pemuteran.

But we convince you using the automatic car rental, it should not bring a problem. The automatic car such as the Toyota Avanza is able to climb the mountain as well. Even the small one (4 seater car) the automatic car Toyota Agya is also fine. So whether you rent an auto car or a manual one, this should be ok.

Unless you totally cannot drive a manual gear one, then yes you must take for the automatic one!



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Available car rental (rates per day):

Suzuki Jimny

Suzuki Jimny
US$ 18
US$ 25 (Driver)

Suzuki Karimun Estilo

Suzuki Karimun Estilo
US$ 22
US$ 30 (Driver)

Toyota Agya

Toyota Agya
US$ 24
US$ 32 (Driver)

Toyota Avanza

Toyota Avanza
US$ 27
US$ 35 (Driver)

Suzuki APV - World Class MPV

Suzuki APV
US$ 31
US$ 37 (Driver)

Daihatsu Taruna

Daihatsu Taruna
US$ 25
US$ 33 (Driver)

Toyota Kijang Innova

Toyota Innova
US$ 35
US$ 43 (Driver)

Isuzu Elf

Isuzu ELF
US$ 80 (Driver+Petrol)

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