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Ngurah Rai Denpasar (DPS) Bali Airport

Bali airport is called I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar, Bali. Bali airport code is DPS. I Gusti Ngurah Rai is refer to the local hero who fought against the Dutch colonial in 1946. This second busiest airport in Indonesia (the first one is Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia) is located in Denpasar, the capital city of Bali. This could be your ultimate guide at Bali airport.

Getting closer with Bali airport could be important for you as a tourist. Below information can be your guidance how to interact with. So when you are landing in Bali airport in Denpasar you have had better knowledge that can guide you how to interact with the airport itself, the facilities and the persons in there.

Check this out, the further information about Bali airport guidance, so you know what to do when landing.


If you booked a Bali car rental online before your departure, and some how you did not meet with the staff who pick you up at the airport, you can go to this place. It’s called Flight Information Area which has the information on the big screen of the flight information arrival time, including the airline names.

Flight information area in Bali airport

There are usually two officers who is in charge there, and you can ask them to make announcement that you are already landed but you cannot see the staff of the rental car company. By making the announcement, hopefully it will be heard by the staff who is picking you up there, and they will come there to meet you.


1. ATM

If you need cash in Rupiah You can withdraw the money in Rupiah at many ATM machines available at Bali’s Ngurah Rai airport. These ATM machines will give you cash simply and quickly. The question remains: how can I find an ATM at Bali’s airport? And where?

It's easy. There are many ATM machines that is waiting for you there. Let's find out further.

First, the ATM just sit right next to the exit gate of arrival. There, there is a branch of a bank called BRI (Bank Rakyat Indonesia). Another one is reside also next to the BRI counter, there is another named Bank Mandiri. Both of the bank owned by the Government of Indonesia.

The banks is serving some standard-banking services. One of the service is providing you with teller that can guide you how to withdraw the money. Or, you can just walking directly to the ATM counter and start entering your card there..

At the ATM counter, not only 1 ATM machines from each bank, but there are available 2 ATM, each. So there are a total of 4 ATM machines at the international arrivals exit. You choose one and there where you can withdraw cash in Rupiah. Easy, right?


If you do not want to withdraw cash from an ATM, and prefer to change your money into Rupiah directly, then you have to find a money changer first.

In Ngurah Rai airport Bali, there are 2 places of money changer.

First at the counter of both bank as described, Bank BRI and Bank Mandiri. You go meet to the bank teller, and tell them your wish to exchange your money into Rupiah. The real time currency converter itself can be seen directly on the tv screen hanging on the wall. If you feel that the value of the exchange rate is not great, you could go towards other banks. Compare which one has a better, and exchange your money there.

Second you need to continue walking along the pathway for about more or less 300 meters, leaving the area of exit gate. If you're not sure, you could ask to the airport where a money changer service is located.

After you walk out and reached there you will find two counters of money changer. The first one called Wahana Money Changer and the other is Artha Andy Mulia Money Changer. Both of them are owned by private companies.

All of those money changer counter is authorized, so you should no need to worry.

Once again, in this place maybe you need to visit both of the counter first, to find out which one has a better rate. From there you can then decided which one you would like to make a transaction.

Finding the money changer counters at Bali airport could be an important thing. Because maybe you need Rupiah to pay your Bali car rental which was booked in advance. Or, to pay a cab if you want to go to your hotel by taxi. Or, just to buy drinks at convenience stores inside airport, before you go out from it, ready to explore the island.


It is a good decision if you hold a local Indonesian phone number while you are in Bali. Just in case you need to make some calls, like calling your car rental company, your hotel, the restaurants, your friends, and so on, rather than make a phone call using your country of origin number which is more expensive.

Simpati by Telkomsel selling a SIM card

There is an outlet who sell the SIM card, next to the ATM counter. It is called SIMPATI provided by Telkomsel, a government owned telecommunication company. It is reliable enough to get signal where ever you reside in the island.


An authorized taxi service in Bali airport is available. You can find their counter just next to the Flight Information Area. Using their service you will get a fix price of the area you would like to go.

Another authorized taxi service can be found also. The sign is there are some guys (a taxi driver) near the pick up zone who will offer you a cab. Their price is negotiable. So if you are good on negotiate maybe you can try their service.

Authorized taxi counter in Bali airport

Another last option is using an online taxi using application. Read here for further information about Bali taxi online.


Sometime when you just arrived, you want to get some eat first. Just close from the exit gate of arrival, you will find some stalls for you to eat. First is called Bangi Kopi Tiam (right side of gate) and the second called Kantin Cafe (left side). While the first one is serving for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the last one only serve for snacks, drinks and coffee. Both stalls is located at the first floor.

If you are really hungry and need more option, you can take an elevator that bring you to the 3rd floor. This is the area departure, and in this are there are many more eating place such as Two Dragons and La Place.


Need a rest room? Or even to take a shower? Ngurah Rai Airport has the international standard for the rest room. It’s so clean and tidy. To find it you just need to go to the left side of arrival gate, and you will find a sign board REST ROOM.


Smoking area is available in international arrival area. But the location is a little bit away from the building. So you must take a walk for a while to the right side of terminal building and there you will find a small lounge called Tempat Merokok (Smoking Area).


There is a hotel transit in Bali airport. The hotel name is Novotel Bali Airport Hotel. The hotel location is inside the airport area, close to the domestic terminal building. It is not far from the international arrival building terminal, just need a short walk.

A transit hotel is necessary for the traveler, for example maybe they are arrive late in the evening. Rather than go far outside the airport for a hotel, it is a good choice just to stay for one or few nights in the transit hotel inside the airport, and start the trip tomorrow morning.

Novotel Hotel in Bali Airport

Entrance Gate of Novotel Hotel Bali Airport

Further information about a transit hotel in Bali airport can click this Novotel Hotel Bali Airport page.


Since the last visit of King Salman early this year 2017 in Bali, the number is visiting tourist from Arabic countries have been increasing, although does not dramatically. Not only from the Arabic countries, those who traveling from other Asian countries such as Malaysia and Turkey, they are also need a praying room to perform shalat. So, this Bali Airport guide can be useful for them.

The praying room in Bali Airport is located at the 2nd floor of the terminal building. It is easy to find. If you still have difficulty to find, ask the locals there, including the airport official, they will happy to assist you to find the place.

Praying room in Ngurah Rai Bali International Airport


This is important for you when depart. So on your last day (end of your holiday) maybe you need this service; tighten up the level of your baggage security. You can find this kind of service at their outlet close to the departure building at the first floor, next to the airport taxi lot.

Securitech – Provide baggage wrapping & handling in airport

These are with the information. If you feel you need more assistance regarding the Bali airport, please just drop us a line in comment form.

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