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2 Ways How to Receive Your Car Rental

Holiday in Bali without having for the transportation (in this case in: car rental) to explore the island, is just not make sense. Either you can in a bus with your travel group, or taking a public transportation in Bali island (which is not very recommended!), alternatively, as the main option, renting a car in Bali could be the best way to choose.

Bali car hire at Denpasar AirportThis is because the lack of public transportation available in the island, except taxi which is of course quiet expensive and not flexible. It is difficult for the tourist to move between the places. So, hiring a private car rental either for Self driven or With the driver must be a perfect decision to explore the island without any delay and worry.

Some of the previous customers asked regarding how they will receive their reserved car when they touched down Bali? There are 2 ways for the customers regarding how, or where they can receive their car.

1) At the Airport

Yes, the customer can just receive their car directly at the Bali International Ngurah Rai Airport. This is free of charge, at any time of arrival even in midnight time. In order to do this, we need you to advise us with your arrival flight number, date arrival, and the estimation of time arrival (ETA). Once we have the information regarding your arrival flight number (example, Air Asia AK364 on the December 10th at 1850hrs), then our staff (of course along with your ordered car) will be also ready at the airport based on the date and time given. How you will be recognize our staff there? Our staff will be simply standing at the exit gate of arrival, bringing your name on a large white paper.

Another simple and easy way to meet our staff at the Bali airport is by communicate using Whatsapp or WeChat. Just after you landed and queuing at the customs you can simply let us know that you are now at the customs. You can even also inform us how busy there so you can let us know how long you should be go out at the exit gate and meet with our staff.

And when you already at the exit gate of the arrival, to meet faster you can simply take a photo of your location. Then send it to us via your Whatsapp or WeChat messenger. This way we will know your location and we will meet you there. After meet you we will go to the parking area and do some document of the car rental there.

2) At Your Hotel

If you skip to receive your car at the airport, and like to receive it in your hotel, this is also fine. Most common reason why the customer did not want to receive their car rental at the airport was because their hotel had included the airport pick up in the service for their guest. Car delivery in your hotel is free of charge, only if your hotel is in Kuta, Sanur, Jimbaran, Ubud, Nusa Dua or Tanjung Benoa area. Beyond those area will be an extra charge. The extra charge is vary, depend on the area. For example: deliver the car in Lovina is IDR 350.000, while in Padangbai harbour is IDR 400.000.

Hire a Nissan car in BaliWe deliver the car rental at the hotel usually in the morning time. Usually around 9am – 10am, or just after the guest did the breakfast. Another common time to deliver the car rental in a hotel is on the afternoon, around lunch time or check out time.

So after got lunch they will go to place of interest in Bali they would like with their car rental. If they were checked out, then they use their car rental to move to another hotel for check in, or others.

Truly, there is another way for you to receive your car. Yes, you can receive your car rental at, for example, a restaurant. So, maybe in the morning you have the breakfast meeting with your friend, and in the middle of eating activity, suddenly both of you have an idea to go to some places of interest in Bali. And you absolutely need a car. Then, in some way you have the phone number of the car company, and then just book a car for you and your friend on that day.

Once a day we even delivered the car rental to the renter at a hospital!

The hospital name is BIMC Hospital Bali. This is one of the popular hospital in Bali among the tourist and expatriate. BIMC Hospital existed in Bali island in various area such as Kuta Sunset Road and Nusa Dua BTDC area.

The renter (husband and wife) is at the hospital as his wife arm has been injured. They went to the hospital by taxi. After some diagnoze by the doctor, they decided to go back to their hotel by order a car rental instead of taxi. They do not want to loose their time to explore Bali just because his wife arm got injured.

So we delivered the car rental there, at the hospital, not at the hotel or airport.

Rent small car in Bali

One last thing before we end up this writing is that there is another place on where the car renter would like their car rental to be delivered.

Where is it?

It is at the Harbour.

Yes the harbour. In Bali there are 3 popular harbours that usually the tourist coming to Bali island and we wait them there for their car rental.

The first harbour is called Padangbai Harbour. This is when the renter coming from Lombok island and then visiting Bali and want their car rental to be delivered there.

The second one is called Sanur Harbour. This harbour is usually took when the renter coming from Nusa Lembongan or Nusa Penida, small islands near Bali island.

The third or the last harbour is Gilimanuk Harbour, where the renter / tourist coming from Java island and want the car rental ready for them at the harbour, just after they landed in Bali from Java.



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