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Information About Bali

All About Bali

Bali information provide you with the information regarding Bali such us daily live in Bali, car rental tips, visa regulation, how to survive while you are in Bali by using the local Indonesian language, and more. Knowing the weather season in Bali can help you to prepare which cloth you should bring when you arrive in the island.

Activities in Bali is a must. So we provide it also on this page regarding how and where to do a water sport, spa, adventure or diving in Bali. Find it all here with the information including the price and best place to visit.

The information in this section will be continuously updated with many contents so that your holiday in Bali will be the perfect one.

Bali Rental Car Self Driven
Tips how to driving a car rental by self driven option. Compare the price between one car to another. How much is the toll road service in Bali and where to buy to toll card. Understanding the terms of Bali car rental insurance. On this page the customer can see the size of the car, whether it is a small size or a medium car. If the customer needs a bigger car (such as a car to organizing a wedding) they can submit a question via the form.

Bali Rental Car With the Driver
Tips how to get the best-honest driver in Bali. The important thing of having a driver when renting a car in Bali is about the safety. Many previous renters advise us that driving in Bali is quiet challenging. So having a driver - the one who honest and professional - could be the best choice. Find out also for the information of the working hour of the driver. How they pick the guest up, whether at Bali airport on the arrival date / time, or directly at the hotel.

Kecak dance provided by Bali car rental

Bali For The First Timer
Check these out for 4 places of interest in Bali that must be visited for Bali first timer. There could be the best place of interest which all tourist must be visit. Knowing the location on the places will help the tourist how to arrange their transportation easier. If the tourist have their own wish list place of interest please do not hesitate to send us a request and we will put is on the list.

Speak Indonesian
Use it when you are in Bali, and your life could be easier. Use the Indonesian language as smart as you can when you need to buy something and want to bargain. Speaking Indonesian at the restaurant or at the entrance gate of place of interest will make them give you big big big smile. Try a simple word like 'apa kabar', 'selamat pagi', 'berapa harganya' will make your day in Bali more memorable.

Visa Information
For those who will leave for Bali see whether your country listed on here. Find it here the information of which countries require a visa or do not require a visa. Please make sure your trip to Bali as a memorable - good memorable one - so please prepare everything in advance smoothly including for your passport and visa of arrival.

Fast boat in Bali

Bali Climate
Bali located in Indonesia, that is mean that the tropical climate will always been here. There are two main season in Indonesia they are rainy season and wet season. Browse this page and find the information on which month the rainy season is. As well as the wet season.

Bali Local Transportation
Dokar, bemo, colt, is commonly use by the public in Bali. Basically there is lack public transportation in Bali. So a private car service such as car rental, Grab, conventional taxi is widely available. Is there Grab service in Bali? The answer is Yes there is. But please be noted their operational is limited. Grab cannot pick up the guest at the hotel as it is prohibited by local law. Grab only be pleased to drop off only. Cannot do pick up.

How to Hire a Car
Hire car in Bali could be one of the best thing for you while you are in Bali. This is because the lack of public transportation service in the island. Car hire company in Bali is widely available. Usually they can be ordered via online or just show on their stall near the hotel or at the street side. Many of the car hire company is offering for self driven car rental or with the driver option. More information to be aware before renting a car in Bali click here.

Bali Sanur Harbour

Kuta, Sanur and Tulamben Beach
Kuta, Sanur and Tulamben is where the best beaches in Bali located. Here the tourist can see the panorama of sunset or sunrise time. Kuta and Sanur is located at the south of Bali, which is close to the Bali airport and the capital city of Denpasar. While Tulamben is at south of Bali which is about three hours drive from Kuta or Sanur. Find more information regarding other area of Bali on this section.

Working Permit in Bali
Working permit in Bali is a very essential thing if you want to run a business in Bali. It is a must have document for any expat who work in Bali on any industry especially in Bali tourist industry. Whether as a chief, certified guide or a hotel manager the working permit is a must to have.

Bali Spa
Bali is in many ways the birth-place of the 'spa' phenomenon that is sweeping the world. Pemper your self during the stay in Bali. It can be done in the afternoon after lunch time or in the evening before go to bed. Bali spa offering various spa service from local traditional Balinese spa to the international-modern standard spa.

Bali Adventure
Bali has a good selection of theme or adventure parks. From the adventure activities at the south of Bali (Ubud and Benoa) to the north Bali (Lovina and Amed). Complete list on the page.

Bali Diving
For snorkeling and diving, the closest spots to Kuta are Benoa and Sanur beaches where all the relevant equipment can be hired. If you need a little bit far try Amed and Tulamben at the south. Every place of Bali diving is very challenging and it is at your a must to do list while you are in Bali.

Bali Tours
Tour in Bali can be the most exciting activities while you are in Bali. Get an experienced-professional driver to take you to every interesting places of interest in Bali.

Bali Car Hire island Bali

Bali Overview
Bali is a hilly island populated now by at least about 4,000,000 (2014) people with an area of about 5,810 square km. The governors office is on Jalan Basuki Rahmat No. 1, Niti Mandala Renon, Denpasar. Ph 224671 (hotline).

Bali Driving Tips
While on the road, an important virtue to have here is patience! Although the road system in the heavily populated areas is in reasonable condition compared to other developing countries, it can be heavily congested at peak periods. Ceremonial processions sometimes occupy the whole road so if you are caught behind a procession, enjoy the colorful experience.

Bali Travel Tips
Shorts and mini-skirts are not allowed in and around temples. It is a custom to take off the shoes in temples, on festival grounds and in private houses. It is strongly recommend following these custom to show your respect for the religious traditions.

Bali Beaches
Bali is the heaven of beach! From the south to the north. From the famous prestigious Nusa Dua beach to the natural quiet Amed beach: the beaches in Bali area ready to be explored!

Available car rental (rates per day):

Suzuki Jimny

Suzuki Jimny
US$ 18
US$ 25 (Driver)

Suzuki Karimun Estilo

Suzuki Karimun Estilo
US$ 22
US$ 30 (Driver)

Toyota Agya

Toyota Agya
US$ 24
US$ 32 (Driver)

Toyota Avanza

Toyota Avanza
US$ 27
US$ 35 (Driver)

Suzuki APV - World Class MPV

Suzuki APV
US$ 31
US$ 37 (Driver)

Daihatsu Taruna

Daihatsu Taruna
US$ 25
US$ 33 (Driver)

Toyota Kijang Innova

Toyota Innova
US$ 35
US$ 43 (Driver)

Isuzu Elf

Isuzu ELF
US$ 80 (Driver+Petrol)

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