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Testimonials from Our Russian Customers

We have been serving a trusted-qualified car rental service in Bali for decades. We rent the car to the tourist who has been coming to Bali either with or without driver. We tried hard to provide the best car rental service experiences we can. And that’s why we receive so many great testimonial from our guest. And from many tourist from several country who used our service, Russia is one of the top customers.

Here they are for some great testimonial you can find regarding our service;

Dear Mr. Haliman,

Thank you very much for your service! Drivers were very friendly and polite, cars were comfortable – that made our trip. I hope to see you our next vacation. I’ll recommend you to my friends going to Bali.

Once again thanks and Good Luck! Best Regards.

Andrey – Russia

That is the testimonial from Mr. Andrey. He rented the car with driver with his girl friend.

Arif, hello!

Car is great, thank you for it 🙂 I really enjoyed the driving this car :)”

Dina Rumyanceva – Russia

The above is a good testimonial from Ms. Dina. She was a solo traveler when rented a week automatic car rental from us, and really enjoyed her driving.

“Helo, thank you for your service. It was very nice experience and very nice car. We love this little car Jimny.

We give very good opinion on internet. Bye“.

Michal Skawinski – Russia

Mr. Skawinski drove a small size car the Suzuki Jimny, a mini jeep type of car. He loved much with the car!

For other complete testimonial (not only from Russia, but also worldwide), please refer to our guest reviews page:

Reviews 1

Reviews 2

Reviews 3 and

Reviews 4 🙂

For our good services, on the end of renting period, our guests said that they will promote us on the internet, via some Russian online forum. And yes, not only promoted by Mr. Skawinski but we also promoted by by many other our Russian customers, our website has been existing in many Russia forum.

Our site has been reviewed many time on most popular Russia travel forum. It can be seen on

Just to mention a few here are some of the threads on their forum describing our website as well. One of the thread was made in 2011 (6 years ago), and still alive!

And so on..

So what are you waiting for? Especially you’re a Russian tourist and would like to rent a car in Bali, just contact us at!

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