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King Salman Left Bali After 9 Days of Vacation

The King of Saudi Arabia Salman Bin Abdulaziz al-Saud left Bali towards Japan after vacationing for nine days on the Island of the Gods, Bali, from 9th to 12th of March 2017. The Custodian of the Two Holy Cities of Makkah and Medina arrived at Ngurah Rai Air along the motorcade groups of around 10:30 Bali time, with a tight security guardian on Sunday, today.

King Salman and President Joko Widodo

Some Ministers of Indonesian, the Governor of Bali and other government official participate on King Salman’s departure. The first man of Saudia Arabia which is the richest country in the Middle East was then board a plane using electronic staircase taken specifically from Saudi Arabia.

By wearing robe or white colored and dressed robe of golden color (called bisht), King Salman then slowly climbed into the plane while smiling, waving to the conveyor. The Boeing 747 jumbo jet 400 series were then taking off at around 11:15 Bali time from east runway the Bali international airport, I Gusti Ngurah Rai.


The Bali provincial government will intensify tourism promotion to Saudi Arabia to follow up the visit of the King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud to the Island of the Gods.

Logically if the King comes, people will also come for a visit. Moreover, the Royal family especially enjoyed the holiday in Bali. The group should left Bali on the March 9th, but they had extended it  for 3 days, until today March 12th.

This brought a blessing for tourism industry in Bali in general, and also for transportation business, including for Bali Muslim driver, as some royal family member needs guide to show Masjid and halal food while visiting place of interest in Bali.

The King visits certainly bring fresh wind to the Bali tourism sector, amid conditions of background culture and tourism market that had a bit of difficulty attracting tourists from the countries in the region of the Middle East. However, the coming of the King Salman alter perception and it is truly a golden opportunity for Bali to more serious marketing Bali to the Saudi Arabia tourist.

Moreover, the Royal family especially enjoyed their holiday. Even King Salman with their family decided to extend his holiday in Bali. It indicates that the King Salman with their families feel comfortable enjoying the holidays here.

The King Salman visit is the promotion of free and able to crank up Bali’s tourism image in the eyes of the world, particularly the countries of the region of the Middle East. As known, Saudi Arabia is a potential market for tourism industry in the world. Arab tourists have high enough buying power that is on average reach the 1,800 US dollars.

The purchasing power of these travelers is higher than the average world travelers recorded UNWTO i.e. of 1,200 US dollars. In addition to known with high purchasing power, the period of stay also longest, which is reach 10 days per visit. The Saudi Arabian tourist are usually on vacation when the Hajj and the summer time begin in their country.

The number of tourists from Saudi Arabia to Bali has increased quite significantly within the last five years, it is nearly an average of 38.37% per year.

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