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How To Use GPS Navigation in Bali

GPS (Global Positioning System) navigation currently has become a must for everyone, if they want to traveling with ease, without getting lost. In almost European cuntry, the United States and some Asian country, GPS navigation have become a mandatory requirement in every vehicle produced from the factory. Why a GPS navigation becoming more popular and popular? Because the needs of traveling by the peoples is raising up in the last decade.

GPS Navigation inside the car

Indonesia as one of the country in Asia, seeing that the importance of the GPS available in the car is a must. Therefore, the car manufacturers in the country, such as Toyota, Daihatsu and Suzuki is always include a GPS in every production unit in their car. But unfortunately, at the moment the GPS navigation unit is available only in the middle-class car, such as the Toyota Innova, and does not available yet to medium-class car such as Toyota Avanza car, much less the middle-class one, such as the Suzuki Estilo.

Bali as one of the islands in Indonesia and become the most popular tourist destination, has a car rental service provided to the tourist, as one of the services to be available for tourists who come from all over the world. The car rental service can be booked online, one of them through out the website

Just for the information, the services of tourism in Bali, in addition to the rental cars are hotel rooms, spa treatments and activities, rafting, cycling, mountain climbing, snorkeling, etc.

When you need a rent a car rental in Bali, it’s easy. Visit on and select the car you want there.

It is highly advised, and remember, when you rent a car in Bali, mostly there is no GPS navigation available in the car. And if you are convinced your self that without a map you can explore the island, it’s a good sign.

If you ever need a map, then the ordinary map (standard map on the paper) is good for you.

But if you accustomed to using GPS, then once again reminded, not all car rentals in Bali has a GPS. Then how is the solution, if you feel the need and need to use GPS navigation in Bali?


Here you can rent a car at the same time rent a GPS. GPS rental rates in Bali can be found at GPS renting rate. There are several kinds of brands of GPS’s available, such as Garmin, Amigo and Papago.

This is the recommended one. By using your mobile phone connected to the data packet, you can use Google Maps as your GPS navigation while driving in Bali. The data location of Bali, which is presented by Google Maps is usually more accurate than other device. Furthermore, it can be using a local or your country of origin SIM card, which is cheaper than renting a GPS navigation.

So which becomes the right one for you, pick the one up and happy exploring the island!

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