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How to Reach Gilimanuk Harbour to go to Java

Sometime Bali is not enough. Sometime you want to go beyond Bali such as Java island. To reach Java by plane, especially if you want to go to East Java to see Mount Bromo or Mount Ijen, these days it is still difficulty. It is because of the lack flight to Banyuwangi, where Ijen and Bromo resided. The easiest way is you must take a ground transportation, either public transportation such as bus, or just simply hire a car. FYI, Java is the main island in Indonesia. This is where the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta, resided.

Gilimanuk harbour, connecting you to Java

Gilimanuk harbour in the morning time

There is Bali strain between Bali island and Java island. So, before you reach Java, you must take a ferry from Gilamanuk harbour (Bali side) to Ketapang harbour (Java side). The ferry in Gilamanuk will be shipped in every 30 minutes.

When we can take a ferry? At anytime you want. This is mean the ferry service is available for 24 hours a day.

The trip between Gilimanuk and Ketapang itself is in average about an hour. Please be remembered there is a different time between Bali and Java. For example, if Bali time is 10AM, that is mean Java time is 9AM. So, Java is 1 hour behind Bali.

Ferry in Gilimanuk harbour

One of ferry in Gilimanuk-Ketapang harbour

There are some warung owner (food stall) who sell snacks and food on the ship. But as always, the price on this kind of place is more expensive. So, before you jump into the ship, to avoid any expensive price, better to buy it in advance at the harbour yard.

Now, how you can go to Gilamanuk harbour from, for example, Kuta, Nusa Dua, Ubud or any places of interest in Bali? It is easy..

First option, if you had been renting the car, you can make an agreement to your Bali car rental agency, that you would like to return the car directly at Gilimanuk harbour. In order to accommodate this, depending on what car type they had been renting, usually we charge for the extra charge around IDR 400.000.

Please note you will need about 3 hours to reach Gilimanuk, if you start from Kuta area.

Additional information for you, if you choose this renting a car option; there are two ways how to reach Gilimanuk.

By taking normal route via Denpasar-Gilimanuk Main St.

Based on the distance, this main street is shorter than the second one way, which will be described below. But, because there are many big trucks, buses, motorbikes and private-family car that is coming to / from Java), the traffic mostly will go crowd. So, be patient when driving via this route. You will almost have to drive slowly due to the heavy traffic along the way.

About last 15 minutes before arriving at the harbour, you will pass West Bali National Park. There, along the way you will see many monkeys at the street side. If you want you can pull over and give them some snacks; maybe peanut.

Many monkeys in the national park, 15 minutes before arrive in Gilimanuk harbour

Bali monkeys along West Bali National Park

Before entering the WBNP, if you need some food, there are many middle class restaurant along the way, including convenience stores. Some of the travel car from Java, with their overseas tourist, many of them stop by and get their breakfast or lunch there. You can get it a try..

By taking alternative route via Lake Bedugul

This route has a longer distance. But, surprisingly it will have the same hours to reach Gilimanuk just like if you take the first way described above. Why? Because there is not much vehicle taking this route. As you will pass on the mountain in Bedugul, which will lead you to Singaraja, Lovina and Amed; some people do not like driving on the mountain.

If you staying in Lovina or Amed area, than using the route is recommended. As the harbour is only 45 minutes left. Easy to reach..

So which one you gonna use? It is up to you to decide. of course..But both are offering their own good experience.

Second option is using a public transportation. Best option is by taking a bus. Best place to find it is at Mengwi, a bus terminal in Denpasar that connecting between Bali and Java by public bus service.

Best time to start the trip by bus is in the morning time, around 9AM. The latest is 12 noon time. Try to not busing after 12 as if you do that you gonna reach Java in the night. Although it is safe, but we recommend to reach Java still in the daylight.

The price for the bus service is vary depend on the quality of the bus (air-con or not), but it should between IDR 80.000 – IDR 120.000.


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