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Guides How To Go To North Bali On Your Arrival

We have been serving for so many tourist who have to go to north of Bali on their arrival. So after receiving their car rental at Bali airport based on the arrival flight given, they were then go to north Bali. In north Bali, they will usually stay in Lovina or Seririt area. For your information, it will take for about 3 hours to reach Lovina, and another an hour (so 4 hours) to reach Seririt from Bali airport. Please be noted that it is a long trip so be prepared for everything in advance.

One of spectacular-morning view in Seririt, Bali

Remember once again, you have had a long flight from your country to Bali. And after landing in Bali airport you will have to make another long land trip by car. It will be a very long-double trip for you. So considering all of these facts,  here are some tips how to guide you to reach north Bali from Bali airport, or any other area in south Bali, in the easiest and safest way.

If you can find the flight that have arrival time in Bali is still in the morning time. Or, around noon time. At last, make it 2PM. Why? Because you need to be in the north before dark. Driving on a daylight will help you to drive more convenience and safe rather than driving at night.

Remember it will need 3 hours if your hotel is in Lovina, and 4 hours if your hotel is in Seririt area. So if you will be landing at the airport at 10AM, after 1 hour customs and checking the car rental, you will reach Lovina at 2PM, or 3PM in Seririt. This is good.

Or, if you be landing at 2PM, it will be still day light in Lovina, maybe around 5PM or 6PM. Still good. Just do not landing at, for example at 5PM, or worst late night. If you have this kind of flight you will arrive in north Bali at around mid nite..

If you just landing at night, considering to stay for your first night at the Novotel Hotel, a hotel transit in Bali airport, and start off your drive tomorrow morning.

Please be noted those 3 hours driving to Lovina, half of those hours will be done via mountain. So you will pass by the mountain. In order to do this, make sure you receive your car rental in a perfect condition.

With the car rental who is checking the car at airport before you go, make sure especially the tyres and the break working as well. Check the tools and a back up tyre. Do not forget with the lamps car.

Everything should be ok as you will pass by the mountain, after you reached Lake Bedugul and GitGit Waterfall, about 1.5 hours before Lovina. And this is why you should be driving still on the daylight instead of night time; because you will pass by the mountain.

Before you start off to drive, consider to have a lunch first at airport. Where to eat? Do not worry there are many place to eat in Bali airport.

If you bring your child, please also consider to buy some snacks or milk or candies for them first. There are many convenience stores inside Bali airport you can buy some stuff.

Fill the petrol up first in full tank at the nearest gas station.

Remember when we hand over the car to you, we only fill it up in around one third of level. You will also return it at the save level. So, it is better for you to find a nearest gas station from airport.

The nearest one is located for about 500 meters after you go out from airport gate. It is located at the left side of the road. So just driving slowly after you pay for the airport parking ticket, and get into the gas station to buy petrol in full tank.

For your information the fuel name name is Premium. So ask the gas station officer this kind of fuel when you buy. If Premium does not available, you can buy another one called Pertalite. And the gas station is operated by government called Pertamina. Pertamina is easy to recognize, with the big read sign written in the box; Pertamina.

Consider to rent a GPS navigation. Or, you can just use your mobile phone that connected to the internet to run Google Maps application. These devices can help you much to find the place (your hotel) in north side easily with no hassle.

So those are some guides and tips how to reach the north Bali (Lovina and Seririt) on your arrival.

Happy staying at North Bali!



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