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Credit Card Payment Procedure For Car Rental

When you decided to make payment for your Bali car rental by using your credit card, please be noted that we will only charge your credit card when we meet you in Bali. This can be either at the Bali airport on your arrival, or directly in your hotel. So when you make a booking for one of our car rental, before you leave for Bali, you do not make a payment yet. The payment can be done later up on car delivery on your first day.

Please note that we only receive payment by credit card Visa or MasterCard only. Others such as Dinners, American Express or JCB we are sorry that we cannot accept it. This is because of most the banks in Indonesia in cooperation with Visa and MasterCard. In fact, in most Asia country (Indonesia included) the most popular credit card logo used for transaction is Visa and MasterCard.

Here is the credit card payment procedure..


If you would like to be picked up at Bali airport, once we met you at the arrival terminal building, we will go together to the car parking area of the terminal to see the car. The car you reserved is ready there. When we’ve get there, we will then explains you about the car conditions. This is including the procedure of checking for some dents and scratches (if any), the completeness of car such as the tools, tires, break, etc.

After you are OK, now it’s time to make payment by credit card.

Our staff will ask your credit car (Visa or MasterCard), at the same time they show you our EDC (Electronic Data Captured) machine. This mobile-electronic machine can be used to charge your credit card anywhere, in this case in Bali airport. So, in order to make payment by credit card, you do not need to go to our office first in Kuta area.

Please be noted when we charge your credit card there will be 3% additional charge. So example, if your car renting rate in total isĀ Indonesia Rupiah (IDR) 1.000.000, then we will charge your card in IDR 1.030.000.

If the transaction successful we will give you the invoice of your car rental, and the receipt of your credit card payment. We also need your sign to the receipt as well.


If you asked us to deliver your car rental directly to your hotel instead of at the airport, once we’ve get there we will ask for your full-complete name at reception, and then call to your room to give you information that we are now at the lobby hotel to deliver the car.

And then we do same procedures for car checking (just like we do in airport). After OK the same procedure of credit card payment just like at airport would be applied.

Hope the explanation helps you to understand about the procedure of the Bali car rental payment.

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