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Petrol Information in Bali

When you are dealing with petrol in Bali, the terms maybe have some differential from your country of origin. An especially if you rent a car in Bali for your daily trip, these information, such as about petrol price in Bali could help you when you need to buy it at gas station.

One of Pertamina Gas Station in Bali


All car rental in Bali normally must be filled up with Premium, one of kind petrol to sell. So when you buy petrol in any gas station, please ask for Premium. This is the name of petrol for your car rental. So once again when you are at gas station to fill up the tank, say ‘Premium’ to the officer.

If the gas station is out of stock of the Premium, ask for the alternative called Pertalite. Pertalita is another one class better-more expensive type of gasoline, or petrol than the Premium.


The price for petrol Premium is IDR 6.550 per liter (April 2017). For example of car Toyota Avanza, it can be filled up in full tank up to 40 liters, equal to around Indonesia Rupiah IDR 275.000 for full tank. Petrol price in Indonesia, including Bali, is cheaper than the price in most European and Australia country.


In Bali, almost gas station which is exist on the island operated by Pertamina, a gas company owned by government. The logo of Pertamina dominated with red logo written PERTAMINA, so it should be easy to recognize. On many main road in the island you will easily find this logo and there you must fill up the tank.

If you are using GPS navigation, some of device or brand will show Pertamina logo when it detected a gas station near your place.


Pertamina gas station is exist on many places in the island. So you do not need to worry about its availability. For a better trip experience we recommend you to fill up the tank at full tank. If after some days it will empty, fill it up once again in a full, and so on.

When you buy the petrol at gas station there are two option you can choose regarding with the payment. The first one is by cash and the second one by a credit card. Both option is available for the receipt, if you want it.

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