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Between Conventional Taxi, Online Taxi and Car Rental

Transportation is an important facility in a tourismĀ  destination. No exception in Bali. By knowing the transportation conditions in Bali, you will get some guides how to deal with. Choose the best one which one is best for your needs. And here are 3 types of transportation that can the tourist rely on.

There are many conventional, or ordinary taxi service in Bali. In almost all areas of tourism in Bali, taxis are easy to find. From the time you just landing at Bali airport, or in your hotel, restaurants, beaches or in various other places of interest you will easily find taxi service. So, the taxi in Bali can be count on. Among the taxi companies in Bali which is exist, the most trusted and poluler is Blue Bird Taxi (blue taxi).

Your hotel where you are staying also be able to help you to organize a taxi on call for you. Whether you need it for your departure to the airport, or just want to driving around they can assit you with that.

When ordering taxi in Bali, there are two ways of determining the tariffs. Formally using a taximeter. But there are some of these taxi drivers that determine rates based on agreement with the passenger, without using a meter. When the agreement between the driver and the user achieved, then you are on the go.

Taxi services in Bali, in addition to conventional taxi services as mentioned above, there was also an online taxi service which is started in 2016, such as Uber and Grab. There is also Go-Car, a local online taxi provided by Gojek. To use this online taxi you need to first download the application on Google Play Play or Android Play Store, and then make an order.

But remember, many hotels in Bali who refuse this kind of taxi service. So, is it careless actually to order a taxi online via the application to pick you up at the hotel. The hotel (via their security at the gate) will reject this online taxi driver to leave the hotel. So make sure you’re very sure if would like to call the taxi service online to your hotel.

Probably, this is kind of transportation service which is most reliable transport in Bali. Rather than a taxi, rent a car obviously cheaper costs. And it is also more flexible. Can be use the car for days, or weeks.

There are 2 options for renting a car in Bali. First by self driven. The second one is by hire a driver.

A self driven option usually chhosed by a tourist because they wanted to be more free and privacy during the holidays in Bali. Also they can go everywhere inside the island when and where ever they like.

While the choice of hiring a driver taken because usually the tourists prefer to relax in a more relaxed and enjoyed time when riding along the road. Also because they are not sure with the ability of their driving, because of the road and traffic conditons in Bali is a little bit different from their country of origin..

Now it is time for you to decide which transportation is the best for you. The clue is if you just need a short trip in some certain day (not daily) maybe a taxi (both convenience and online taxi) can be your best choice. But if you decide to explore the island almost everyday, everyday driving, renting a car must be your last choice.

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