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Waja River Rafting in Karangasem Bali

Had a great experience with rafting in Bali, such as with Ayung river rafting? Surely, because for the tourist, visiting Bali without doing this activity does not fun. There are many choice of rafting in Bali, but  if the popular one, like  Ayung river is too ordinary for you, maybe you can try another more challenging rafting, which called Waja River Rafting. The river itself also has a beautiful waterfall view.

Waja river (called Telaga Waja – in Indonesian) is located in Karangasem district, at Mount Agung Bali. Best way to reach the area is by rent a car.  The water is very limpid and cold, and has so many cascades with fourth extreme-grade. If you do the rafting in Telaga Waja, you will see a lot of beautiful panorama, such as forest, paddy field and waterfall. These combination of panorama cannot be seen in any other rafting places in Bali, except in Telaga Waja river rafting.

All of the rafter are welcome here, do not worry if, for example, you cannot swim. There are the standard international safety tools to make sure the rafting activity is safe. Some of the tool such as the helmet and the buoy. These tools will help just in case the boat hit something in the river, and the member falling down to the river.

After doing the activity, it is also important to bring your changing cloth, sandal, shower equioment (shampoo or soap). Also do not forget to bring the camera or handycam. The rafters in Waja River rafting has been dominated by the overseas tourist. But, in a small number there was some local tourist also doing the activity.

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