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Vacation at Serangan Turtle Island

In Bali, actually there are many hidden beach. They are untouched yet by the tourist. Most of them only few visited by the local citizen, so the condition is very quiet. But, the beach is so beautiful with sunset view, and clear-fresh water inside. Other than that, in Bali island there are also many small island. So we can say an island inside another island. Some of them has their uniqueness. One of the island called Serangan Island.

Serangan Island is close to Sanur, one of the popular tourism area in Bali. It is located in Serangan village, south Denpasar. Serangan island is also close to Semawang beach Sanur. The atmosphere of Serangan is quiet, calm and natural environment. Plus, the uniqueness of this island is, we can see green turtles! That is why, another name of Serangan island is Turtle island (Pulau Penyu).

Yes, Serangan island is the home of turtles in Bali. Here is the island for the turtle breeding in Bali. We can see many of their eggs, turtle babies until big turtles. Most of the turtle has green color. The experience to be in this island is so exciting. It is the place of interest in Bali which you should enjoy with the family, especially those with children. The kids will be guaranteed will be excited.

Not only that, Turtle island also offering another interesting attraction, that is the beach. Yes, just like in Kuta beach, we can also find the exotic white sandy beach here. The wave is quiet high, the tide is good.

So do not know Bali only with its Kuta. Remember, Bali also offering another attraction, related to the animal. In this topic, it is Turtle island (Pulau Penyu)!

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