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Tyre Problem

Just early this week, one of our customer Mr. Pascal from French have had an accident during his trip in north of Bali using one of our car rental, the Toyota Avanza. When he drove the car to the beach area in Seririt (close to Lovina beach) he hit a sharp wood which was lying down near a small street. It was rainy there and could be because of slippery. And also he might be driven the car way to the left, and that why he hit the wood.

Pic of broken tyre

The result is the left-front tyre had broken. No air at all, suddenly. And in addition, somehow the left-back tyre have got a screw on it. He was not sure how come that screw can plugged into the tyre.

Before, at the airport we explained him about the second tyre location and where to find the tools. So as he knew the procedure how to change the tyre, he did it as well. But still he worried about the replacement tyre. So he called us whether we can help him to buy a new tyre near his location and we said okay.

As he called and emailed us late in the afternoon, we cannot go to his location that day. For the information, his location is in Seririt area. It is far away from our home base in Kuta. It is about 4 hours drive from Kuta, climbing the mountain via Lake Bedugul and Singaraja, passing by GitGit Waterfall, one of popular water fall attraction in Bali. So we just can come to his hotel tomorrow morning. And he said ok.

So tomorrow morning our staff went to Seririt and take the car first and drove it to the nearest tyre shop there. It took for about 2 hours to find the shop and let the mechanic change the tyres accordingly.

After everything is done, we drove back the car to the hotel and gave the invoice to Mr. Pascal, and he then paid the tyre. He said he was very satisfied with our service to give him a quick response about his problem. Please read also our complete page of testimonial from our previous guest.

So that is the information of how we help out customer regarding their problem with their rental car, in the middle of their trip, in this case was tyre problem. Actually the customer can buy a new tyre by their self. But if they feels it is better to ask us to help them, we are also ok.

Tyre problem cannot be predictable. Hopefully we can all minimize this kind of problem, when ever and where ever we drive.

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