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How to Reach Tegalalang Ubud Rice Terrace Bali

It’s called Tegalalang, a unique place of interest located in Ubud, Bali. Tegalalang offering a landscape-beautiful rice terrace from top of hill to the bottom of cliff. The rice terrace view is so greeny (and yellowing) so it is a cozy-outdoor place to enjoy. When you visiting Tegalalang make sure you bring your family. The kids would be very happy to see the view. It is also a perfect place to be visited by a couple.

What’s make Tegalalang more convenience is because it is a free of charge entrance. So you do not to pay anything except for car parking only.

The place is also instagramable enough. When you’re on the location, especially in the middle of the field, it is a good time to make a memorable picture, and share it on your favorite social media.

If you have more time, you have to try to go down of the cliff. The more you go down the more you will excite with the place. But to remind it will absolutely need your strong power as you will go down and back to climb the hill.

If you do not bother to go down at the bottom, you can enjoy the view from food stall located at the side of the hill. From there, while you’re on lunch, you can still enjoy the rice terrace from the top. No need to go down below.

How to Reach Tegalalang Village, From Kuta

Tegalalang Ubud can be reach from Kuta or Denpasar within 1.5 hours drive. If you are on a tour with a driver, ask him to drives you to Tegalalang in the middle of your Ubud and round up tour. Do not miss it as Tegalalang is one of a place that very famous and popular among the tourist around the world.

So when you are in Ubud, take time to visit Tegalalang as part of your destination on your Ubud tour.

If you on self driving you can just use a map, or set your GPS navigation pointed to Ubud. It will guide you easily to Tegalalang.

If you start in Kuta, or the area of Bali airport, just drive along the bypass Ngurah Rai Sanur. After that you will meet with another bypass called Ida Bagus Mantra, and then meet with Sukawati and Guwang art market in Gianyar. Just go straight and you will be on Mas, a village known for their woodcarvings.

From here you are close to Tegalalang area. Only 30 minutes left, you only need to reach Andong and Petulu, another villages and you will reach the destination in Tegalalang Ubud.

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