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Tanah Lot Bali Tariff Increase 100% in 2012

Tanah Lot Bali, who does not know with one of the most places of interest in Bali. Whether you are a local tourist or overseas, you must know about this place. Tanah Lot is a temple (one of the Balinese holy temple) located in Jimbaran area, near Uluwatu. Tanah Lot has the spectacular sunset view, with the big waves around the temple. The location of the temple itself is on the beach / sea, especially on tidewater. So many tourist has been visiting Tanah Lot, and starting on early next month, March 2012, the tariff will be increased 100%.

Recent tariff to entering this most popular spot in Uluwatu is separated between local and overseas. For local tourist, recent tariff is IDR 10.000 and IDR 15.000 for overseas tourist. Now, after the officer in charge of Tabanan regency, where Tanah Lot reside, the tariff will be changed.

The new entrance fee of Tanah Lot in 2012 is: for local tourist IDR 15.000 and for overseas IDR 30.000. If you need calculate how much is the price in your local currency, you can please visit our Currency Converter page.

The socialitation of the new tariff of Tanah Lot, had been introduced since early this year, 2012. Hopefully, of all the Tanah Lot lovers, well-informed about the condition, and will be ready with the new price when they will come again to Tanah Lot Bali.

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