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Sukawati Art Market Bali

Sukawati Art Market (Pasar Seni Sukawati – Indonesian) is located at Gianyar regency, Bali. The art market location is near Celuk and Mas area, the place where silversmith reside. For you as an overseas tourist, Sukawati Art Market maybe is not familiar with you. It is true, because the art market is only famous among local tourist. But, once you know the place, you will love the market much.The most interesting thing about Sukawati Art Market is the price. Yes, the price here could be the lowest price in Bali. You can buy all things specific to Bali, such as necklace, statue, ring, t-shirt, beach sarong, sandal, shoes, etc. Other goods you can find here is short or long pant, bag, beads, or kite.

Even the price offered at this art market is very cheap compared with other places, especially in tourist area which is quiet expensive, you are advised to make a bargain. Try to start your bargain into 50% lower from normal price. So, for certain goods, if the seller offered for IDR 100,000, try to say IDR 50,000. If IDR 50,000 is not successful, then you can increase your offer little by little.

Once again, the shooper in Sukawati Art Market Bali is pre-dominated by local tourist. But for overseas tourist they are also welcome. It is very easy to reach the market, as it is on the same route if you want to go to Celuk area to see silver and gold industry. Sukawati also at the same route of Ubud. Or, if you visiting Bali Zoo in Gianyar, you are already very close to Suwawati market.

If you driving by rent a car, you can reach Sukawati from Kuta or Denpasar for about 30 minutes. Actually, you can reach the market by public transportation, but as always, we do not advise you to use the public transportation here.

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