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Should I Rent Automatic car or Manual ?

We have been receiving this kind of question from many our web visitors, whether they should renting an automatic or manual car for their car rental. They asked for some advise about this, because it is the fact that driving in Bali is quiet challenging: the road conditions, the traffic jam, the attitude of the car or motorbike on the road, etc.

Toyota Avanza rental car - available in automatic gear option

We answered this question wisely. We are using some parameters before answer them. These parameters has been using to decide whether they should renting an automatic car instead or the manual one. Some great car rental testimonials from our previous customers can help us a lot to find out why they the automatic car was preferred by them.


First, automatic gear car is great for a long term renting. For a minimum a week of car renting, we advise to our customer to choose the auto car. This is because surely they will have some long trip in the island. There will be many driving. Thus, having an auto car to explore the islandĀ  is definitely good choice.

Secondly, auto gear car is perfect for a woman. We have some previous customers, and if in their group consist some woman and man (or husband and wife), the driver was not the husband. Instead, the driver is the wife. So, in this kind of group, most of them were choose the automatic car. For some people, mostly woman, driving an automatic car is preferred than the manual one.

The third, if our customer will be staying in the crowd area such as Kuta and Legian, then we advise them taking the auto car. This is because driving in those area is very challenging. Many cars and motorbikes all day long. And some of them, including the taxies, is in hurry. In this kind of situation, the car renter needs to stay focus while driving. Driving with auto car which does not need much operation in the car will help to stay focus, rather than driving with manual car.

Those are some parameters we are using to give some sight of point to our customers whether get auto car of just keep with manual. If none of them is not in the list, then manual car is preferred. Remember, manual car however is cheaper. And, the petrol consumption is also good. Worth of money. This can safe some money to spend the holiday in Bali, by renting a car.

Last thing, please note if you would like renting an automatic car, you must take for the Toyota Avanza, nothing else.


  1. Jessie Chen says:

    Hello. Your car rent company is recommended in a Chinese website and is said to provide nice service. So I am writing to ask if I can rent a car of automatic gear, since I can’t drive a car with manual transmission. I will arrive in Bali at 12:00 in the afternoon on Apr 6 2017, so I want to pick up the car in the airport. I am going to leave Bali at 10:00 am on Apr 8. By the way, is there any mini jeep of automatic gear? And what is the fee?
    Looking forward to your reply. Thanks a lot.

    1. admin says:

      Hi Ms. Jessie,
      Thank you for your submission..

      Yes correct, we have been receiving many customers from China. tens per month, and almost of them preferred to rent the Toyota Avanza in automatic gear.

      Sure pick up at Bali airport is welcome. Please see our email sent to yours.

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