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Russian Now as the Top 10

Russian is now in the top 10 of the countries who had been visiting Bali, regarding the amount of tourist. For the Russian, Bali now as the mandatory island to spend their holiday because of the security and the conveniences they will get while they are in Bali. The fact is true, as since the second Bali bombing in 2005, the security and the services in Bali has been dramatically improved.

Since January 2011, Russian is now in the fourth place as the highest country who had been visiting Bali. It is very surprise. Before that, they were always beyond of the top ten. The Chief of the National Statistic Center Bureau, said that for the last January 2011, the has been 11,499 tourist from Russian. Those amount is increasing from the same month, last year (9,124 tourist).

Russian now is as the most potential market for Bali in the future. Their enthusiasm to spend their holiday to Bali is very good. It is need to be appreciated by the tourism industry authority in Bali. The promotion activity to the Russian country must be increased so that those attractive promotion will have some good effects for the Bali tourism industry. For our company, it has been showing for the amount of renting for our car rental service is increasing, rented by the Russian.

Beside Russian, there are other 6 countries who had beenĀ  increasing their citizen to visit Bali. There are Australia, China, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, and the USA.

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