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Russian and Chinese Loves To Drive an Automatic Gear Car in Bali

When renting a car in Bali, almost all tourist from Russia and China were loves to drive an automatic car rental. Russian and Chinese tourist like it much because they said most car in their country produced in automatic one, following the market demand. It is easy to navigate, they said match to used for holiday, like in Bali. While other tourist from other country (European such as French and UK, and Asian such Malaysia and South Korea), despite they actually love to drive an automatic one, but more than half of them was okay to driver the manual gear one.

At the moment, tourist from Russian in Bali is out of big 10, but Chinese is on number 2, after Australian.

Especially for China, the number of their visit in Bali increasing significantly from the last 4 years. So since 2013, after Indonesian government in attractive and massive ways made some exhibitions in China, and the result is great.

While to attract more tourist from Russia, one of the reason is because there was recently opened a direct charter flight connecting Warsaw in Poland to Bali. This make the tourist from Russia and round up increased much. Hopefully they will be on the Top 10 of visitor in Bali

For our company that has been operating a car rental service in Bali for tens years, we have been receiving many customers from Russia. This is including the tourist from Ukraine. Usually they contacted us from our car rental online booking form, and the other contacted us via Whatsapp messaging.

We have been receiveing many tourist also from China. The different from Russian tourist is, Chinese used WeChat messaging, not Whatsapp. For your information, WeChat is the biggest messaging media used in China. This is like Weibo, the the biggest social media used in China, not Facebook.

You will easily find both tourist exist in Nusa Dua and and Monkey Forest in Ubud. And both of them are loves driving an automatic car rental for their holiday in Bali.

So for our next customers from these countries, Russia and China, this blog can also be your handful information, which car rental you should take.

Another additional information, most car type which is available in automatic gear car is the Toyota Avanza. This car is in medium size car type. But, it is also a great choice for a couple, or just a solo traveler. This is because Toyota Avanza is the recent model one and most popular car to be rented not only for domestic Indonesian tourist, but also for foreign tourist.

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