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Rupiah That Has Too Many Zero..

We have been offering 2 type of currencies to our guest regarding for the car rental price. The first one is in Rupiah and another one is in US Dollar. For the renter (the tourist), both currencies have their own advantage. Rupiah has a lower rate than the US Dollar, on certain type of car rental. While if the renter chooses US Dollar it would make them easier to understand regarding the nominal, or the amount they have to pay. But basically, the amount they must to pay is the same. It is only a matter of exchange rate. And speaking to the exchange between Rupiah and any other currency, not only US Dollar, there were a joke around it 🙂

35 sheets of Rupiah vs 3 sheets of Euro; has the same value.

The joke was turned up because of the zeros. Because of 0. As you may know that Rupiah has too many zero, at least this thought was come from some our previous.

Just recently our guest when met us at the airport to pay for his rental car. The total charge in Rupiah is IDR 3.000.000. That was confirmed by him before his departure, in advance. But somehow he did not bring Rupiah when he arrived in Bali airport to pay his car rental.

As he only brought Euro with him, than he asked us can I pay you in Euro? We answered sure, not a problem. And then we open an exchange rate page online and started to make conversion online, between Rupiah and Euro.

The amount of IDR 3.000.000 that need to be converted into Euro. And the result was 210 Euro (according to today exchange rate). And that was the joke was beginning…

When the screen showed up the amount of ‘only’ 210 in Euro, compare to 3000000 in Rupiah, he suddenly screamed: ‘Wooowww….you have to many zero…!’ and then starts laugh overload (lol).

After that he continued his statement, ‘in my country, you are a very rich man….’ and still continue laughing..

To answer that statement, we usually only reply it ‘That is the way how we practice to be a real rich man….’ 🙂

But it is true, the government needs to launch a denomination program, to cut some zero off from the currency..

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