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Rent the Car With Driver is Excluding Petrol

The fairest way if you want to rent the car WITH DRIVER is by Excluded the petrol. Yes, it is true, as this option will make both of us (you as the renter and us as the company) has win-win solution.

Why? Because you will be using the petrol for just you will go! Just before you start the tour, the driver will ask you where you want to go (itinerary). After that he can advise you how much petrol you should be to reach those places of interest, in 10 hours.

Please note the duration for both of car + driver renting is for 10 hours per day. If you are using, example, the Toyota Avanza, for the duration of 10 hours, usually we will be needing the petrol between IDR 70.000 – IDR 100.000. The use of the petrol will be depend on where will you go. Sometime the petrol will be just used at IDR 70.000, or some time at IDR 90.000. But once again, normally, it should not be more than IDR 100.000. The point is, the more you go, the more you buy the petrol. The less you go, the less you buy the petrol. Hope you understand with the terms.

Some of the customer was obstinate, and not happy if the petrol was not included. They was insist to ask us to include the petrol price along with the car and driver price. As mostly we do not know (and also the customer) their own itinerary, then of course we requested the most highest possibility price for the petrol, that is IDR 100.000, in case that he/she will goes more for their tour program.

But who knows, later when those 10 hours finished, that customer only spent the petrol, let say, IDR 80.000, not IDR 100.000. He/she should be save for IDR 20.000 if the petrol was not included, as he/she can buy the petrol by him/her self, after listening the advise from the driver.

PS: IDR is Indonesian Rupiah, the currency of Indonesia.

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