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Rent a Small Car In Bali

There are various car size to be rented in Bali. From the small one, mid-size, until the big one like to van. From the various options available, you can determine which one is suitable for your group. If you are a single traveler, or just a couple, then renting a small car in Bali could be the best option.

Some advantages to rent a small car are, of course, the rate is cheaper than a big car. Usually, as a small car usually using a small engine, thus the petrol consumption is not too much, so you can save the money to buy the petrol. Also, by driving a small rent car you will be more easy to drive and move. It will be also easy to park the car.

For your information, many roads in Bali are small. Especially in Kuta area, such as Poppies Lane, you must be very careful to entering the area. Because the gang (lane) is very small. Bringing a big car can be full of challenge. But, bringing a small car it should be more easy to drive.

If you are interesting to rent a small car in Bali we recommend you to choose either the Suzuki Jimny or the Suzuki Karimun. Alternatively, you can also just choose the Daihatsu Taruna as well. These car can carry for maximum up to 4 persons.

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