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Recommended Dive Resort in Indonesia

The  cosiness of the resort not only from the value of the building luxuries itself, or from the private beach-island far from the crowd. Other than than, some resort has choosed the diving as their main attraction for their guest. Why diving? As we all know, especially for diving lovers, everybody will be charmed with the beauties of Indonesian undersea. Bali itself, has one of recommended diving spot in Tanjung Benoa.  So for you who loves much with the diving places in Bali, it is time for you to explore beyond Bali, visiting the most favorite resort diving in Indonesia. Check these out:

1) Misool Eko Resort, Raja Ampat Papua
Not only for the unique looks, the resort on Raja Ampat has the exclusively for the diving lover. This resort dive located in the very quiet area at the south of Raja Ampat. This resort has for about 1.220 kilometers of diving area.

2) Wakatobi Dive Resort, South Sulawesi
The undersea world of Wakatobi in South Sulawesi has the magnet to attract for diving lovers all around the world, as the best divign location in Indonesia. There are many diving sport in Wakatobi such as The Hous Reef, Conchita, The Zoo, etc. The spots is close each other so that the divers can move on each sport easily.

3) Nabucco Island Resort, East Kalimantan
In the island where the famous Borneo forest living, Nabucco Island Resort can be the best diving resort in Kalimantan island. There are 3 famous diving sport: Maratua Atoll, Kakaban and Sangalaki. Each spot offering their own uniqueness.

Weda Reef & Rainforest Resort Maluku

4) Weda Reef & Rainforest Resort, Maluku
This dive resort has the beautiful coral reef, and undersea. The location is between Lembeh strait, North Sulawesi and Raja Ampat, West Papua. Most of local and overseas tourist come to this place to do a diving activity.

5) Black Marlin Dive Resort, Middle Sulawesi
Togean island in Middle Sulawesi is the diving and snorkeling location, with the spectacular undersea world and coral reef collection. Another best diving beside Wakatobi.

6) Kura Kura Resort, Middle Java
Kura kura mean Turtle in English. Can be say this is the most best diving resort in Java island, especially middle Java. Here we can find also the mullet of Ikan Badut (Clown Fish). There are 8 diving spots in this area, surrounding with another small island, so it is quiet different experience to enjoy a diving resort.

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