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Pick Up The Car Rental in Sanur Harbour

There are many places regarding where to receive a car rental in Bali. The most common one is receive it in Bali Airport based on the arrival date. Others is receive the car in the hotel where you are staying. Or, in Padangbai harbour where you come to Bali from Gili island in Lombok. Or in Gilimanuk harbour after you spent holiday in Java island. And now this blog explains you how to receive the car in Sanur harbour, just after you landing from Lembongan island.

Entrance gate of Sanur harbour, Hangtuah street, Sanur

Lembongan island (also called as Nusa Lembongan island) is a beautiful island near Bali island. It is a small island in the west side of Bali. The island can be reach by a speed boat in only 30 minutes from / to Sanur. Please note in Sanur area it’s easy for the tourist to get a car rental to be delivered there.

There are many speed boat name that can be used by tourist such as Rocky Fast Boat, Lembongan Fast Cruise, and others . For your information, there is no car rental service in Lembongan. But as the island is so small you can just rent a motorbike or bicycle to explore the island.

Or, you can just stay in your hotel room to see the beautiful panorama from there. Mostly in Lembongan the view is about the sky, the beach and the village atmosphere. The general situation there is quiet, peaceful and relaxing.

After spend some days for in Lembongan, it is time for you to visit Bali island, and then rent a car here in Bali. Usually the tourist would like to receive their car rental directly in Sanur harbour, where the boat is landing from Lembongan island. From Sanur, after receiving the car they can then just drive anywhere they would like.

Receive the car rental in Sanur harbour is free of charge. And we can deliver the car there in any arrival time. Usually the tourist will be arriving at around noon time, between 12pm – 3pm. To make us easier when we meet in Sanur harbour, we need your speed boat name so that we can go directly at the dock of the boat at the beach.

Or, there is a chance for us to just wait for your outside the harbour. This way we avoid to pay entrance free at the harbour. To do this you will need to walk go outside the harbour for about 300 meters. It should be easy to do. If we just wait for you oustide, we will wait near the gate of the harbour.

The Sanur harbour is located in Jalan Hangtuah (Hangtuah street) Sanur, Bali. It is very close to the Inna Grand Sanur Beach Hotel, a 5-stars hotel in Sanur area.

It is also close to the big intersection in bypass Ngurah Rai, where an international-delicious pizza brand PIZZA HUT outlet exist. In this outlet also usually, some of our previous customers were waiting for us to deliver the car in Sanur harbour, if their boat was landing earlier.

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