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Petrol Price in Bali

Petrol price in Bali is quiet cheap. It is only IDR 4.500 per liter. When you buy the petrol in many gas station here in Bali, tell to the gas station officer that you need to buy Premium. If not, they will give you Pertamax. Actually, it is okay if you fill up the tank with Pertamax, but it is only more expensive, the price is IDR 6.350 per liter 🙂

To see the conversion of the Indonesian Rupiah into any currenct, please go to Currency Converter page.

In Bali, mostly the gas station is selling the petrol produced by the Indonesian government oil company, called Pertamina. Although Pertamina is owned by the government, but the petrol stations here can be owned by the private, citizen of Indonesia country.

Pertamina Logo - Indonesia Oil CompanyWhen you need to buy the petrol in the middle of your trip, be sure to find the logo as shown on this paragraph. Those main 3 colors with the Pertamina word on it is the official logo of the oil company. Thus, all of the gas station, not only in Bali, but also in all Indonesia area, the should put this logo at their gas station.

It is very easy to find the petrol station here in Bali. You should not need to be worry regarding where you can fill the tank up with the petrol. So, whether you are Self drive or With driver, remember that you can buy the petrol anywhere easily here in the island.

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