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Parking Fee at Bali International Airport

How much is the parking fee at Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport ? The fee of parking at Bali airport is more expensive compare to other spot or parking lot, such as at the supermarket or shopping area, or road side. It is normal, like in any other country. Furthermore, the Bali airport has been renovating began from the last year and scheduled to be finished in mid 2013. The parking fee at airport does not changing, it is IDR 3.000. It is a little bit expensive, as we only pay IDR 2.000 if we park our car at road side, or at the shopping area, or supermarket.

Those price IDR 3.000 is for the first hour, counted since we taking the parking card at the entering gate of airport. For another 1 hour forward, there is additional charge at IDR 1.500 per hour. For example, if you were entering the airport at 9am, then you will be charged for IDR 3.000. And if you stay there for, example, 5 hours, that is mean there are additional 4 hours. Those 4 hours will be multiplied by IDR 1.500 x 4 hours = IDR 6.000. So the total fee you must pay is IDR 9.000. How about if you park the car for a half day (12 hours) ? It is IDR 19.500.

To see the exchange rates of the money, please use our currency converter page.

What is the conditions that make the tourist can park their car at Bali airport? There are few answers. The first thing is they already rented the car from a car rental company in Bali. Then maybe they want to pick up for his / her friend at airport, who is arrive in a different arrival flight, another day. Or, maybe he needs to send his other family member to go back in their country earlier from the schedule, so he need to drive the family to the airport.

Another reason is the tourist needs to buy for the return ticket. Although they can buy it in their origin country before they leave for Bali, or buy it at the travel agent near their hotel, but sometime they want to just buy it by their self, all together to see the airport condition to preparing for their departure.

So no matter is the reason, there is a chance to go to the airport in the middle of your holiday. One of the important thing to get to know about the airport in Bali is regarding the parking fee at the airport, as described above.

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