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Indonesia Has The Best Hotel in South East Asia

Indonesia once again got the attention from the overseas tourist. Before, a leading-owned by government airline company in Indonesia, Garuda Indonesia Airways has been awarded as The World’s Best Regional Airline, now Indonesia has been awarded as the top 20 countries with The Best Hotel in South East Asia. Approaching this end year, the world reputable travelling magazine, Conde Nast Traveler (CN Traveler)  has been questioning their readers. It is a routine program for each year. Before, the magazine has been released the rating for The Best 10 Towns in Asia, now they were just released a new rating called Top 20 The Best Hotel in South East Asia. (more…)

Coral Biorock as Tourist Magnet in Bali

The artificial coral reef, called The Coral Biorock in Pemuteran, north Bali, obviously become a magnet for the overseas tourist, especially from Europe, and thus, giving a positive impact for the local citizens regarding with the economic issue. All of the tourist who has been visiting Pemuteran and living there in the hotels or resorts, they must be see the coral Biorock. Not only just see it, but most of them will continue to enjoy it with doing another activity such as snorkeling or diving. The spot is very interesting for them, because this is the biggest artificial coral reef ever made in the world. (more…)

A Luxury Hotel in Bali in front of Mangrove Forest

In 2014, Bali will be have for another a diamond-5 stars hotel, called The Crystal on The Bay. Beside offering the luxuries, the hotel located in Nusa Dua area will be come the only one hotel in Bali surrounding with the mangrove forest. With the concept of ‘Luxury Bayfront Hotel in Nusa Dua’, the hotel will be built in Bali with the mangrove forest in front of it. (more…)

Nusa Lembongan Bali

We can enjoy Bali from another side, which is located outside Bali island itself: Nusa Lembongan island, the exotic small island near Bali. Nusa Lembongan can be reached via  many kind of sea transportation such as cruise (IDR 600.000 – IDR 700.000), fast boat (IDR 50.000 – IDR 100.000) or public boat (IDR 25.000 – IDR 50.000). The exchange rate of the Indonesian Rupiah IDR to any other currency can be seen at Bali currency converter page. (more…)

Sanur Village Festival 2012

Sanur is the perfect place to see the beautiful sunrise in Bali. Sanur usually is the quiet peaceful area everyday, but starting by today the area will be more festive, as there is now a festival called Sanur Village Festival (SVF) 2012.  This festival is celebrating for 5 days on 26th – 30th September. Have fun in Sanur now in this week end! (more…)

Bali Useful Phone Numbers

Find out these useful and important numbers while you are in Bali. It is consist the information of the consulates address and their phone number, just in case you need to visit their office, or call them. There are 16 consulates in Bali provided in this information section and most of them take the location in Denpasar, Kuta, Sanur and Jimbaran area. (more…)

Bali to Serious with China High Spending Money Tourist

Bali is now to be more serious to maintain the market of China tourists. To be more specific, Bali wants to get more Chinese high spending money, so that they will stay longer  and spend more money to buy some handicraft and any other merchandise from Bali. Or, trying more for some activities such as diving, and get for more for spa service in Bali. This is important to boost the quantity and quality for the tourism industry in Bali in 2015, especially from China. (more…)

Airlines Office in Bali

It is important to hold the phone number of the airline, especially the airline you will use to fly to Bali. For any emergency issue, such as you need to reschedule your departure, or need a ticket to another domestic (beyond Bali) destination like Lombok island.  Here please find the information for the airlines office in Bali, for both domestic and international airlines. (more…)

Quick Bali

Bali is one of the province of Indonesia (from total 33 provinces). Bali is a small island, consisted from other small islands around it such as Nusa Penida island, Nusa Lembongan island, Nusa Ceningan island and Serangan island. Bali  itself is located between other 2 big islands: Java island at west and Lombok island at east. The capital city of Bali is Denpasar, the only real city in Bali island. (more…)

Sunrise in Sanur Beach

Sanur beach is located at the east side of Denpasar, a capital city of Bali. This beach is one of the most interesting spot in Sanur area, for both local or overseas tourist. Not too far from Sanur beach area, here we can do for surfing and snorkeling. Sanur area itself is already very famous around the world. The area is quiet and peaceful. Because of the friendly atmosphere, the diving location can be used by the divers from all range of skill. (more…)