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Overseas Tourist Interested to See Mount Bromo

The overseas tourist is very excited to see the smoke of Mount Bromo, Probolinggo, East Java, that has been showing its activity from its crater for about the last 1 week. Some tourist from Vietnam, US and England since saturday morning ( this week end), surrounding the Cemorolawang village, Ngadisari Probolinggo, East Java. For your information, Java is the main island of Indonesia, which can be reached from Bali island via ferry in Gilimanuk harbour. The easiest way to reach Gilimanuk harbour if you are already in Bali is by car rental.

Lee, a tourist from the USA said that he never seen the panorama just like it before. For him, this phenomenon is very interesting. Seeing the top of the mount with mostly covered with big smokes around it, surely it is a very rare experience to get. Lee with his other six friends was there since 1 day before, Friday, but he is able to see the panorama of Mount Bromo just by today.

The mount Bromo area since friday morning has been covered by the dark cloud, so many of the tourist must be back to the hotel as they cannot see anything except the dark cloud. Mean while, from at noon until afternoon, the area was just got with the rain all day long. On the saturday morning, the weather is very bright so they are can see it clear now.

Mean while, Alex, a tourist from England, expressly coming from his country just to see this phenomenon. He said that he was lucky that he can be there on this saturday morning so that he can see the top of the mount very clearly.

Some of the tourist knew that that area should be closed for anybody, because the vulcanic activity of the mountain is raising up for the last 1 week. But Binh, a tourist from Vietnam surprisingly said that precisely this is the most interesting view.

Of course, not only for overseas tourist, local tourist is also very interested to see the mount Bromo activity. Some of them was just there on the village already.

Mount Bromo is one of the active volcano in Indonesia. After mount Merapi in Central Java erupted for the last days, it is seem now mount Bromo in East Java is the next.

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