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Overseas Tourist in Bali Reach 2 Million in 2010

Until today, the overseas tourist who has been coming to Bali is about 2 million visitors. They were coming from all around the world, especially from Australia, Europe and Asia. The government has been announced early this year, that visitor coming to Bali must be in 2,3 million visitor in 2010. So that is mean, about 300.000 more visitors needed for the rest of this months November, and next month December. Those 2.3 million visitor will be reach out of target.

Usually, the visitors coming to Bali, they were used an airplane (airport) and a boat (harbour). Mostly, they were used the airport, called Ngurah Rai International Airport Bali. The tourist who has been coming to Bali, they were interested with the beautiful panorama in Bali and the art and culture of the Balinese.

Especially for the Australians, they said that Bali is their second home. The distance between Australia and Bali is quiet close. It is only need about 2 hours of flying. Furthermore, the economic condition in Australia has been improving significantly, it make Australia as the top country who has been visiting Bali for holiday or business, in this year 2010.

Beside Australia, there are another 9 countries as the top countries. They are: Taiwan, South Korea, England, Germany, Singapore, France, Japan, Malaysia and China.

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