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No One Pick You Up at Bali Airport?

For a condition after you landed at the Bali International Ngurah Rai Airport, and find the fact that you cannot find somebody who should pick you up there, don’t panic! Stay calm. It is a common issue you cannot find our staff pick you up there (with some reasons, of course). Here are some guidances regarding these issues:

* After you looking for for some time for your name at the exit gate carried by the peoples who all of them is picking up their own guest, and you still could not find it, just get out from the crowd, and look for a quiet place near the exit gate.

* If you have your own mobile phone (with your country of origin phone number), start to call us. You can find the numbers of our contact at our website . Or, you can find the number within our email conversation. You can call to either our office number, or our mobile number, shown there. If you want to use the local Indonesian number, then you need to buy a SIM card in Bali first.

* After you contacted us, just please wait on where you are now. Immediately, in a minute, our staff will come to your place to meet you.

The point is don’t panic, and please stay calm. Even you landed for example, on the evening, still just don’t panic. We can always to help you in this situation. But, before we help you, the first thing you must to do is: Please call us!

Most common issue why you do not see our staff who should pick you up is, because you do not see him standing there in the crowd at the exit gate. One of them is absolutely there is our staff who pick you up. On some big flight, if they arrived almost at the same time, there will be so many passengers and the picker guys (total in hundreds). This is a chance you cannot see our staff standing there bringing your name on a large white paper. If this is on the high season or peak season, the crowd at the exit gate will be worst.

So, if no one pick you up at the Bali airport? Call us, please! If you already in Bali, we can help you.

If you never call us, then we cannot help you. Actually, nobody will help you.

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