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Masjid in Bali Airport

We have many customers who came from Asian countries such as Malaysia and Singapore, and also from Middle East country, especially Saudi Arabian. We also have Muslims customers who is living in European country. And also of course domestic tourist from Indonesia. Some of them asked us where I can find a masjid (mosque) here near the airport to perform salat. Usually after their arrival in Bali airport, they would like first to have a pray.

So this blog is as your guidance, a muslim, who want to know where you should attending a masjid at Bali airport.



This is a small-comfortable space at the second floor of the terminal building. Peoples can do salat (pray) here after their arrival, or before departure. This air-con small praying room (Indonesian called it Mushola) also oftentimes used by local Muslims who want to pray if shalat time is coming.

Bali Mosque in Bali Airport

Sign to Prayer Room in Bali Airport International

The mushola is available not only in international terminal area, but also in Domestic one.


Another option is by doing a pray at the Masjid Al-Ikhlas, a masjid owned by Bali airport. This is the main masjid near the airport. The masjid is located just close to the car parking area. From the arrival building you can even walk to visit the masjid. Or if you rent a car, you can bring your car directly to the masjid and park there after you pay a ticket parking to go out from airport.

The interior of Al-Ikhlas Masjid, Bali Airport

When you are leaving from the airport and drive where ever you want to go in Bali, please be reminded that Bali island is dominated by Hindu. So finding a masjid in the island could be challenging. But masjid are still can be found easily in some popular tourist area in Bali.

For example is in Kuta beach area. If you would like to perform salat here, there is a masjid available. You can do also perform Friday pray here. The masjid location is inside Beachwalk Shopping Center, a premium shopping center area in Kuta. If you need a help of direction, your hotel staff will help you to find the place.

Another example is when you are in Bedugul, Lake Beratan area. Lake Beratan Bedugul is one of the famous places of interest in Bali. In this area masjid also easy to be founded. There is a big masjid called Al-Hidayah so that you can perform salat here any time.

Unless you are in Denpasar city, the capital city of Bali, you do not need to worry to find masjid. Here so many masjid existed as well.

For a free-hassle tour in Bali for a Muslim that can assist you everything about halal things in the island, you may be need to hire a Muslim driver. Just give us your  words in the comment box below to request.


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