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Kuta Beach is Now (Temporary) Clean

After have got some attentional from the world, tons of garbage along the Kuta beach has been removed out. From the very dirty on the beach, it is now (temporary) very clean. The re-cleaning of the beach have been involved with many of people. The Kuta beach authority increasing the frequently of the garbage cleaning at the beach. For about 150 trader, the owner of the stall at the beach has been asked, and then involved with the activities.

The cleaning activities has been done from the Kuta beach line to the Legian beach line, It is quiet a long line, and time. One one one, every garbage such as plastic, rubber, bottles and so many other things, has been taken by the volunteer and dumped at the garbage boxes. The result is much pretty, the beach now seems clean, but it was predicted only for temporary.

Everyday, Kuta beach has been receiving the garbage from the ocean, at the same size of the garbage which can be carry by 20 – 100 trucks. That is a lot of garbage. As the comfortable of the beach is very important for its user, so the cleanness is a must. Before, the beach authority doing the cleaning activity three times a week, but now five times a week.

One Comment

  1. Bud says:

    The business owner,stall holder, residents,vendors & all stakeholder of Kuta should be proactive & take the responsability to clean up & maintain the cleanliness & safeguard the environment of Kuta Beach. Dont just leave it to government agency or beach authority. Perhaps cleaning of beach should be carried regularly by stakeholders instead of waiting for the beach to be polluted with debris….etc


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