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Japan Earth Quake & Tsunami, Bali Lose 2,800 Rooms per Night

The earth quake and tsunami in Japan recently (and then followed with the nuclear radiation) brings the affect of the Japanese  tourist visiting the island of Bali. There is a prediction that Bali loosing about 2,800 rooms per night, because the disaster of Japan tsunami. The statement of the forecasting has been informed by the Chief of Indonesian Hotel & Restaurant Board, in Bali.

The amount of the visiting tourist from Japan has been decreased significantly. It is becoming to be more not good as the Japanese tourist had shorted their visit, as they must be back to their country immediately. The room occupation has been decreased around 60%. Furthermore, about 2,800 rooms has been canceled in the Kuta and Badung regency area.

Normally, the flight route from Japan to Bali is 3 times in a day. In 1 day, the carrier can carry about 900 tourist from Japan to Bali. Generally, the long stay of the Japanese tourist in Bali is 4 nights 5 days.  While the tourist from Europe their long stay is 3 weeks. The average day of the long stay from overseas in Bali is 9.5 days.

Seeing the recent condition of the situation in Japan, the tourist authority in Bali asked the tourism industry components  to not lean into only 1 market. Japan Рuntil today Рis as the Top 3 country with the highest tourist visiting Bali. Tourist from Australia is still good, the same condition with Europe, China, Thailand and Malaysia.


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