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Indonesia Has The Best Hotel in South East Asia

Indonesia once again got the attention from the overseas tourist. Before, a leading-owned by government airline company in Indonesia, Garuda Indonesia Airways has been awarded as The World’s Best Regional Airline, now Indonesia has been awarded as the top 20 countries with The Best Hotel in South East Asia. Approaching this end year, the world reputable travelling magazine, Conde Nast Traveler (CN Traveler)  has been questioning their readers. It is a routine program for each year. Before, the magazine has been released the rating for The Best 10 Towns in Asia, now they were just released a new rating called Top 20 The Best Hotel in South East Asia.

Some of the countries was included in this big 20 countries. The complete list of all countries are Vietnam, Philippine, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia and of course, Indonesia. What is make Indonesia should proud with this achievement is, two of Indonesia hotel listed at the first and second place! And those 2 hotels are located in Bali. The hotel name is Amandari Resort Ubud at the first place, and Amankila Resort Karangasem at the second place.

Amandari Resort Ubud took first place with total rating 94.8. Almost all of the aspect to credit this hotel is close to perfect (100). The example is for the room. The room in Amandari got the rating 96.3. For the hotel service got the rating 92.6. The food and beverage at 96.3, the location at 92.6 and hotel design at 96.3.

Ubud, as most of the overseas tourist already knew, is the area where we can see a truly Balinese daily activities. Ubud is so quiet and peaceful. Many healing and relaxing program, such as Yoga with their communities, has been running well in years in Ubud. Ubud is also as the culture center in Bali. You will see many craftsman, artis, painter, dancer, and so on easily in Ubud. Maybe for some of these reason, Amandari Resort has the same spirit with Ubud, and become the number 1 for this award. Ubud can be reached in 1 hour drive from Kuta.

At the second place, it is Amankila Resort Karangasem. Total rating for this hotel is 93.3. For the room and services the hotel got the rating at 90.5. Regarding the food and beverage they were credited at 85.7. But, for the location and the design of the resort the readers gave the perfect rating the this resort, at 100.

While Karangasem, it is also popular area in Bali. This is the place where the mother temple (the biggest one) located, Besakih Temple. There are also many interesting places to explore here, just to mention one of them is Tirta Gangga Park, a beautiful park in very wide area. To reach Karangasem we need to drive for about 2 hours from Kuta.

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