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Indonesia Enjoys the Increasing Number of Tourist

Indonesia is one of the most favorite destination for overseas tourist. This is come from the fact that the number of visiting from overseas tourist in Indonesia is increasing. The number is 3.8 million visitors in the early year. This is increase for 7.75 percent compared with the last year, same period. Seem that the Indonesian government project, called Visit Indonesia Year 2012 is on the right track.

The Statistic Center Bureau from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economic, reported that for this first semester the number of visiting of the tourist in Indonesia is 3,876,310 visitors. This number is increasing compared with the same period for last year 2011, at 3,597, 632 visitors in January-June, 2011. In other word, this is increasing for 7.75 percents.

For the first semester of 2012, the visitors is dominated by 5 big countries, they are China at 33.5 %, Malaysia at 10.1 %, Australia at 6.1 %, Japan at 5% and then Singapore at 1.1 %. As this number is showing a positive progress, the government thorough the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economic has another plan to not only increasing the number of visiting, but at increasing the quality of the tourism. One of the effort is how to make the tourist to stay longer, and spend bigger.

For the reason, a strategic promotion of tourism for special activities such as rafting, snorkeling, diving and golf must be more concerned. From the list of above activities, Bali as the Island of God must take the opportunity to support the government project, to more improve the quality of tourism services so that the number of visiting from overseas tourist for the second semester of 2012, just better and better.

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