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Hiring a Driver in Bali

Renting a car by hiring a driver could be the good one. As this will free you from the stressful of some narrow and small roads in Bali. Also from the motorbike riders who will flood the road particularly at tourism center such as in Kuta and Ubud. Hire a Bali driver can also help you to better understand about the places of interest you will visit as you can ask anything to him. For those who had a plan to renting a car with the driver instead of self driven, here is the guide an the terms regarding how Bali driver will works.

Bali car rental with driver

Our driver with Mr. Eckert’s family, our guest from Austria

When you renting a car With driver option (not self drive) please be noted that you cannot keep the car for 24 hour a day. Instead the car and the driver itself will be working for 10 hours a day. That is the standard. So after 10 hours with you he will go home, or back to the office and next day he will be back again to your hotel, and so on.

While renting a car driving by your self, you can keep the car 24 hours a day, especially if you stay in Sanur, a cal-quiet place in the island. For more information of car renting in Sanur see this page.

10 hours effectively is for you, if your hotel where you will be staying is located in the south area, such as Kuta, Jimbaran, Seminyak, Sanur, Benoa or Nusa Dua and round area. More far from these area, like in Ubud, please be noted effectively the driver and car will be with you for 8 hours instead.

Why? This is because our home base is in Kuta area which will be need about an hour drive to Ubud and go back again in Kuta in another an hour. These would be need 2 hours go and back. So once again if you hotel is in Ubud area he will be working for 8 hours.

How abut if your hotel is at the area which is far away from Kuta?

In this case you must keep the driver for 24 hours with you. That’s mean the driver will be staying there, overnight at the same area you will be staying. This will need additional cost to cover driver’s meal and accommodation, per night.

These are the far area where the driver must be stay there also with you: Lovina, Karangasem, Amed, Tulamben, Munduk, Singaraja, Menjangan, Candidasa. Further information about this procedure, including the additional cost for driver’s meal and accommodation please Contact Us.

Why the driver needs to stay there are? It’s because those area is far away (example is Lovina), so there is no chance for the driver, after 10 hours with you, go back in Kuta and back again tomorrow morning to Lovina. This is impossible to follow. So the chance is the driver must stay there also close to your hotel and be ready directly again next morning in your hotel.

As stated that the driver will be working for 10 hours a day. How about if you need additional time? It’s not a problem. You can ask us about it and we will inform you the extra hour you need to pay in order to do this.

That is some guidance how to hiring a driver in Bali for you to explore the island.

Feels free to Contact Us ny further should you still need more questions about the Bali driver working.

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