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Garuda Indonesia Reopening Bali-Haneda Flight

After 20 years no flight to Haneda Japan, Garuda Indonesia Airways (GIA) a national airline, is now reopening the flight from Denpasar Bali to Haneda Japan. On April 27th, 2012, Garuda reopen for the first time flight. The opening of this flight bringing the big hope to increase the visiting of Japanese tourist to Indonesia, especially Bali.

Haneda is the international airport, located at the down town of Tokyo. Garuda Indonesia, using the Airbus 330-300 with 257 seats is confidently bringing the successful business. Japan, however, has big potention of tourism. Especially for Bali, this new flight hopefully can bring a signifant contribution to inrease to visiting of Japanese tourist, which is for the last 3 years, the tourist coming to Bali from Japan indicated decrease for about 20% per year, since 2009.

The Bali authority of tourism industry giving big appreciate to Garuda, as a smart business expansion, to increase the amount of Japanese tourist coming to Bali.

As we may know, the Japanese tourist has been decreasing since 3 years ago, especially after Japan tsunami. 2008 is the last year for Japan as the number one country for their amount visiting Bali. In 2009, they are at number two, after Australia. And since 2010 Japan is at number 3 after Australia and China.

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