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Free Rabies in Bali in 2012

The Indonesian Government, through Bali Province Government expects that the island must be free from any rabies issue at least by the end of 2012. In Bali, the epidemic of rabies it self first known in 2008. Now, with additional fund from the government at 15 billion Rupiah, hopefully the epidemic can be eliminated forever from the island.

For the last 2 years, the Bali province has spent the fund about 25 billion Rupiah. But, until now, the rabies epidemic in Bali is still alive. It was already about 103 peoples died because they were bited by the dog, since 2008.

To reduce the victim of the people because the dog bite, the government already eliminated about 304 thousands dog. The population of the dog in Bali itself is about 447 thousands. It is quiet a big population on a small island like Bali.

So far, the fund to eliminate the rabies epidemic in Bali was come from the Indonesian Government, Bali province government, and also from Australian government.

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