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Free-Entry Attraction in Water Blow Nusa Dua

If you are staying in a hotel in Nusa Dua and round up area, especially inside BTDC (Bali Tourism Development Center) area where many 5-stars hotel is located, take a time to visit Water Blow, a place of interest which is free of charge-no ticket for entry but indeed quiet amazing to enjoy. To reach the Water Blow, if you loves walking, maybe you can just take a walk from your hotel in BTDC area. Or, you can ask your hotel for a free shuttle to that place, in advance.

Water Blow is one of the prime tourist destination in Nusa Dua. The place is offering the sensation of seeing and hearing of the wave hits the coral, at the same time. The louder the crash is, the more the sensation will be felt. We can enjoy the attraction from the venue which was set up for the visitor, not far from the wave crash location.

It’s a perfect place to enjoy by a couple or with the family. The kid will loves it much to see, so give some time to visit it. The place also instagramable enough, so do not forget to bring your camera. Making it into a video is also a great choice.

Not only for the wave blows, in Water Blow we can see another attraction, such is a beautiful beach view near it, and also some culinary place along the pathway to / from Water Blow location.

Best time to visit this place is on the afternoon. After lunch time can do also. So maybe rather than back to the room after some lunch, better if then just go to Water Blow area to relax and enjoy the wave. Oh, do not forget to bring the sun screen. The sun will shiny and true, it is very hot there!

To find the place should be easy. Especially if you are already inside BTDC area. But if you still find difficulty to find the place, you can ask to security officer how to reach Water Blow. Or, you can just ask the locals there. They will happy to advise you how to reach it.

See the video of Bali Blow here.

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