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Driving in Bali

Like everybody who had a holiday on their favorite destination, and got a chance to rent a car and start driving self drive, it is important to know  regarding the rules of driving in the country. Actually, no need everything to know, only the basic information usually can do, and you will be ready to drive.
In Bali (as part of the Indonesia country territory), it is right hand side of car. So, all of the vehicle is running at the left side of the road, and the driver will seat at the right side of the seat. If in your country you used to drive in the left hand side of car, please pay attention of this.

When you need to buy petrol at many gas station in Bali, just please say Premium. If not, the officer of the gas station will be giving you a Pertamax, another more expensive of the petrol. The Pertamax is actually ok for your car rental, but Premium is enough. The price of the Premium is IDR 4.500 per litre, while the Pertamax is more about IDR 2.000.

Another thing which is important is a map. Although Bali is a small island, it is advised you have a map to accompany you. If ordinary map is not enough, you can rent a GPS from us. If a map and the GPS is not enough for you, best thing is by ask the locals. You can ask them along your way, and surely they will happy to assist you with the direction.

Please remember when you rent a car rental in Bali, it is not allowed to bring it outside the island. So, you cannot self drive if you want to go, for example, to Java island or Lombok island with the car rental.

Last thing, all of the car rental in Bali must be equipped with the air con, no matter how old is the car like the Suzuki Jimny, so you should not worry about it.

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