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Deliver The Car Rental in Padangbai Harbour

After spend some days for holiday in Bali, some tourist also had a plan to extend their holiday into the neighbouring island Lombok. Or the opposite; the first holiday is in Lombok and then to Bali. For your information, Lombok however nowdays, from day to day has been growing attractive to attract more tourist visiting Lombok. Surely Lombok can be an alternative vacation beyond Bali. And from many places on Lombok, the Gilis and Senggigi is the best places of interest to be visited.

Marina Srikandi Fast Boat - Gili & Senggigi to Bali

Geographically, Lombok is located to the east of Bali, separated by oceans. And there are 2 ways to reach it. First is by using an aircraft and the second one is by using a speed boat. And this blog will explain you about how you can rent a car rental in Bali directly on your arrival in the harbour called Padangbai, if you come from Lombok by speed boat.

Please be noted if you have booked a car rental service and going to Bali from Lombok using aircraft, then it’s clear you will collect the car rental at Bali airport. This procedure is easy and common.

But what if you use a speed boat from Lombok?

It called the port of Padangbai, where your speed boat will be arriving on a speed boat (also known as fast oat) in Bali from Lombok. For your information, in Lombok you will usually be start from Gili’s island or Senggigi island. Both are a single small island which has the best panorama in Lombok. Travel time using a speed boat from Lombok to Bali is 1.5 hours.

There are many speed boat every 2 hours once departing from Lombok and Bali, and vice versa. Some of them are the Marina Srikandi Fast Boat, Gili Cat Fast Boat, Wahana Gili, etc.


Padangbai harbour is located in Karangasem district. It is approximately 1.5 hours drive from Kuta area or from the airport of Bali. Although there was some local public transport to reach it, but it is not recommended. It can be frustrating and stressing for tourist. The best way is to use the car, and it can be done by renting a car instead.

And if you want your car rental to be delivered in Padangbai, we can organise this service.

Please note, the delivery of the car to Padangbai require additional fee of Rp 250,000, one way. Click here to convert into any currency.

Because it will need a long trip to Padangbai to deliver the car (our homebase is in Kuta), then it is common to need accurate information from you, such as your boat name, how many hours your boat will get in Padangbai and it is also important that we need to know your mobile numberĀ  (if any), just in case we need to make contact each other at the harbour.

For additional information, Padangbai harbour could also be a place to return your car rental. So for example on the first day you receive your car at the airport, or in your hotel in Sanur, and you want to return it in Padangbai for you to leave for Lombok, it’s OK. The cost is the same one as above.

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  1. marita dignan says:

    We would like to hire a car in Padangbai , take it to Amed , and then deliver it back to Ubud ?
    Pick up about 11:30 one day
    And drop off the following night about 6pm
    Can this be done , if so how much $
    And the date is thurs 28th feb
    Drop back fri 29th feb

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