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Culinary Icon in Bali: Ayam Betutu

Ayam Betutu (Betutu Chicken) is one of the culinary icon in Bali. It is very popular among the citizen. For the overseas tourist this food is recommended due to the delicious and crispy. Another culinary icon is Babi Guling (Pig Suckling). How to cook Betutu chicken is just the same with pig suckling. The only one different is, Betutu is using steam while pig suckling is using toast.

Everybody who had tried this food must be want for more, and more. The spices of the Betutu seeps until the inside of the chicken, so the taste will be very crispy. Like the other Balinese foods, Betutu mostly served in spicy. Once again, this culinary in Bali is very popular, too popular, so do not baffle if you find this food at any warung (stall, or small shop) or restaurants on their menu list. For those who does not like much with the spicy, do not worry as the content of the spicy can be reduced.

Betutu chicken can be found easily in all area of Bali island. But, the most favorite one is at Gilimanuk area, well-known as Ayam Betutu Gilimanuk. For the information, Gilimanuk is the area for about 3 hours drive by car rental to the west from Kuta area. In Gilimanuk there is a harbour called Gilimanuk harbour, the exit gate of Bali heading to Java island by ferry.

Some branches of Ayam Betutu Gilimanuk can be found in Denpasar and Kuta area. So yo should not be goes to Gilimanuk to taste for the original of Betutu by visiting Gilimanuk. As your for your driver in the middle of the tour, and he will be happily to find you one. For about only IDR 30.000 per portion, this delicious food can be enjoyed when you are in Bali.

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