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Coral Biorock as Tourist Magnet in Bali

The artificial coral reef, called The Coral Biorock in Pemuteran, north Bali, obviously become a magnet for the overseas tourist, especially from Europe, and thus, giving a positive impact for the local citizens regarding with the economic issue. All of the tourist who has been visiting Pemuteran and living there in the hotels or resorts, they must be see the coral Biorock. Not only just see it, but most of them will continue to enjoy it with doing another activity such as snorkeling or diving. The spot is very interesting for them, because this is the biggest artificial coral reef ever made in the world.

Biorock is an artificial coral reef, transmitted with low voltage electricity, so that it bring the acceleration of the coral shapes in the patterns. Pemuteran is the biggest Biorock area in the world, developed in 72 building structures, planted above the sea bottom in about 2 hectares. Just recently, one of the United Nations organization called UNPD (United Nations Development Programme) has awarded a Conservation Environment for Biorock in Pemuteran.

The development of this artificial coral reef area was begin in early 2012. Seeing the facts that many of fisherman in the village were always using the bomb to catch the fish. This way is absolutely beyond of environment friendly. Plus, the issue of the global warming will accelerate the dead of this area from its natural living, such as fishes. In the end, the fisherman was going to get serious difficulty to catch the fish. After the development of Biorock finished, there are many fishes again at the coral to look for food, and that make the fisherman so easy to catch them. Now they can get for 10 kilograms, was usually about 2 kilograms only.

Today, at least there are about 50 tourist per week who has been visiting the Biorock area. They are also doing other activities such as snorkeling and diving. Sue, a tourist from Perth, Australia, she was twice visited Pemuteran to diving in Biorock area. Further, she said she will give some donation for further development of the area, and also had a plan to move and live in Pemuteran, after she retired.

For information, Pemuteran is located in north Bali. Take for 4 hours driving by car from Denpasar or Kuta. Most of the tourist who had been visiting Pemuteran is from Europe. Rest of them from Japan, South Korean, USA and Canada.

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