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Convert Australian Dollar into Bali Currency

Until the last year, 2010, Australia is still as the highest country who has been visiting Bali. That is mean also, the chance for the money exchange between the Indonesia Rupiah (IDR) and the Australia Dollar (AUD) is widely open. Just one thing,  to remind you that, sometime people is wrong, saying the Indonesia money is Rupee. well, this is wrong, absolutely wrong. Rupee (INR) is the currency of India, while Rupiah (IDR) is the currency of Indonesia. Please take a note on this.

To convert Australia Dollars – AUD into Indonesia Rupiahs (IDR) is easy. Usually, you can exchange it in your country before you leave for Bali. You can exchange it at the authorized money changer, or at the airport. If you do not have a time to exchange it in your country (for example, your time is very tight for departure), you can exchange it later when you arrived in Bali.

At Ngurah Rai Bali International Airport, there is an authorized money changer at the airport. The location is at the left side of the arrival gate. There, you can change your Australian money into Indonesian money. Or, outside of the airport, there is a famous authorized money change in Bali, called Central Kuta. The location is in Kuta area, about 15 minutes drive from airport.

Convert Australians Dollar in to Bali currency, that is Indonesia Rupiah, is also easy via only. You can please visit our Currency Page and convert the money there, online. You can also convert any currencies into Bali Indonesia money, so that you can be ready for some transaction locally while you are in Bali.


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  2. sayed sajjad says:

    i want to know how much of australian money in going to be 7000 of indonesian. can you please sent it my email edrress

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    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on convert aud into bali money.

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      Sure, it is a pleasure.

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